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Week 1 – Hockey & Table Tennis

Week 1 – Hockey & Table Tennis

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What an amazing start we had in our Hockey & Table Tennis initiative. We love seeing two Territorial Sport Organizations come together and support athletes in becoming the best version of themselves.

Inside the Hay River Recreation Facilities, the evaluation was hosted on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 from 6-7:45pm. An off ice test that included reaction time, as well as eye hand coordination. On the ice it was all about recreation and the same with the test on the computer.

Evaluation Gallery

The first two clinics, with a total of 5 hours of training, started with the SWAG. Lovely bags, towels, t-shirts, shorts and a racket, was included in all that. Different balls to exercise and train with came later.

The sessions featured the basic knowledge of the sport, points to 11, 2 serves each, how to hold a racket, movement and technique.

“It was a lot of fun to see the kids doing the freestyle ping pong challenge with all different kind of balls, balloons” said Assistant Coach Conner Ivanko-McKay.

From using different balls to get the feeling of the racket, and learning how to hold a paddle, it went straight to the table. Learning the forehand movement as well as the fundamentals of how to move at the table. Using 3 different tables with 2-3 players each and different exercises, we could see some improvements right away.

Table Tennis skills gallery

What an amazing start in our adventure with Hockey & Table Tennis!!!

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