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2019 NWT School Championships

2019 NWT School Championships

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What a fantastic time we had at the 2019 NWT School Championships. Over 100 kids came to compete in the categories from Grade 6-12 and in the Doubles categories Middle School and High School.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers helping and supporting this event and the teachers, parents, family and friends, getting the kids ready for the championships.

Congratulations to the two winners of our special awards. Both being students at Weledeh School.

Tyrell Whane – Sportsmanship Award
Jameel Makaran — Most Improved Award

Here are the SINGLES & DOUBLES images from the event.


Middle School
1. Owen Reitsma/Joseph Curran (William McDonald)
2. Raine Mingo/Alex Ramsay (St. Pat’s)

High School
1. Zachary Mathison/Christopher Mathison (St. Pat’s)
2. Tamara Mathison/Gracie Brennan (St. Pat’s)


Grade 12 female
1. Katie Hart (St. Pat’s)

Grade 12 male
1. Marco Estebay (St. Pat’s)

Grade 11 male
1. Christopher Mathison (St. Pat’s)
2. Landen Lavers (St. Pat’s)

Grade 10 female
1. Katie Genge (St. Pat’s)

Grade 10 male
1. Jack Nevitt (St. Pat’s)
2. Luke Dizon (St. Pat’s)

Grade 9 female
1. Gracie Brennan (St. Pat’s)
2. Monika Kunderlik (Sir John)

Grade 9 male
1. Zachary Mathison (Weledeh)
2. David Dragon (Sir John)

Grade 8 female
1. Raine Mingo (St. Pat’s)
2. Abby Nebitt (St. Pat’s)

Grade 8 male
1. Cole Woodland (William McDonald)
2. Owen Reitsma (William McDonald)

Grade 7 female
1. Megan Smallwood (William McDonald)
2. Maisey Murray (William McDonald)

Grade 7 male
1. Hayden Murray (William McDonald)
2. Ryder Wicks (William McDonald)

Grade 6 female
1. Anna Curran (William McDonald)
2. Ella Skauge (William McDonald)

Grade 6 male
1. Blake Rose (St. Joe’s)
2. Ethan Bran (William McDonald)

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