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Webinar Series

About the Webinar

Watch our live webinar on fitness, nutrition, and mental performance.

How to Watch

Watch on Facebook Live during the scheduled times or watch the webinar videos on our YouTube page by clicking here WATCH NOW. If you’d like to connect to the sessions via ZOOM, please e-mail info@tabletennisnorth.ca!!!


About the Sessions

Strength & Conditioning, Tuesday March 23 & 30 at 4pm

Emily will be covering training for multisport fitness and how it can fit into the rest of your life without becoming your life. We will talk about what it means to train smart and healthy by working hard AND recovering hard.

Nutrition, Wednesday March 24 & 31 at 5pm

Join Evan to learn more about fueling for competition. We’ll talk about what breakfast and pre-game meals might look like for table tennis athletes. 

Mental Performance, Thursday March 25 & April 1 at 4pm

Topic 1: How to stay confident in challenging moments. In this session, you will learn to use self-talk and past experiences as tools to enhance confidence and trust in yourself.

Topic 2: How to manage your emotions to calm your mind and body. In this session, you will learn the power behind reframing anxiety and using deep breathing to stay calm under pressure.

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