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Hockey & Table Tennis teaser

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News NWT – Community Coaching Clinic

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Nikhilesh TOP 10 Table Tennis Canada trick shot competition

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Nikhilesh Gohil, winner of week #7 and #8 in the Table Tennis Canada trick shot competition is now in the TOP 10. The one video with the ultimate most likes on YouTube will win a grand prize of $1000.

Keep on liking the amazing videos that Nikhilesh created. GO TEAM NT GO!!!

More information on the trick shot competition is right HERE.

And the winners are …

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A huge thank you to all the participants on our first ever Virtual Freestyle Ping Pong Challenge. It was amazing to see the development over the last few weeks starting with the launch, the skills videos by our very own Arctic Winter Games Coach Steve Rowe, the virtual training sessions with National Team Coach Maxime Surprenant and of course all your videos. 

Here we go, the winners of the 2021 Virtual Freestyle Ping Pong Challenge. 

Over 19

1. Nittin Gohil, Yellowknife
2. K M Safat Rashif, Yellowknife

1. Marie-Eve Laroque, Yellowknife
2. Brigitte Stephen, Hay River


1. Nikhilesh Gohil, Yellowknife


1. Deacon Tybring, Hay River
2. Coleman Brown, Fort Simpson


1. Jackson Fuller, Hay River

1. Payton Bennett, Fort Simpson
2. Paige, Fort Simpson
2. Megan Kaglim Lapierre, Fort Simpson

We are looking forward to more amazing events like this in the future!!! 

Thank you to the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations as well as NWT & Nunavut Lotteries for making this project happen. 

Interview with athletes in our virtual training session

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For 12 weeks our athletes have learned all about Fitness, Mental Performance and Nutrition virtually. A partnership between Table Tennis North and the Richmond Olympic Oval. We spend some time with some of the athletes during the 11th fitness session and getting their feedback on the program so far.

We talked to Team NT athlete Nikhilesh, Team Yukon athlete Krish and Canadian National Team athlete Sophie.

Why did you decide to enrol in this program?
Nikhilesh: It is a cool experience and I wanted to train with other athletes virtually.
Krish: I wanted to build up some skills besides playing table tennis. And of course working on my body, making it a bit stronger.

What was your expectation going into the program?
Sophie: I wanted to get more in shape and meet athletes through the program during quarantine. I met my expectation as I never met anyone from the NWT or the Yukon. And of course working with the Richmond Olympic Oval. And it made me train, even for times when I did not want to train.
Nikhilesh: I wanted to rain once a week. And even if I don’t feel like training, this gave me the support to continue to do my weekly exercises. And I wanted to meet other athletes. 

What was your favourite part of the program?
Nikhilesh: Being able to train every week, and the extra sessions on Mental Performance and Nutrition were very interesting. 
Sophie: Learning new things. I never had classes like that, so I can apply it to my daily life even after this program. 

Do you feel stronger than you started?
Krish: I am moving much faster now and I feel a lot stronger. When playing Table Tennis, I get less tired now.
Sophie: Yes, I feel much stronger and I am happy to get back in shape.

Anything you think that can be done better?
Krish: I enjoyed it like it was. It does not overwork us. It is the perfect fit and it challenges us to give our best. It was a little bit different to do it virtually, but still great to participate in.
Sophie: I would not change anything. Doing it once a week does not overwork us, but still makes us work every week. Virtually was good as the teachers adopted to the classes. 
Nikhilesh: It was different, but it also allowed us to connect to other athletes that we normally would not meet. 

It was amazing to see the responses from our athlete and the passion they have for being active and learning more, meeting others and becoming role models for their regions in the country. We are very proud of all the participants and grateful of their participation, effort and giving their absolute best. A huge thank you to Emily, Evan, Scott and Ashley from the Richmond Olympic Oval for being so great to work with.

Community Coaching course

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Participants from Nunavut and the NWT joined together for this amazing opportunity to learn more about Table Tennis and getting certified as Community Coach in Table Tennis.

A 6 hours course that teaches about Make Ethical Decisions, the basics of Table Tennis like how to hold a paddle, the different kind of rubbers, how to set up a practice and a lot of fun games and activities that can be done in a community or school environment.

“It is great to see the excited that Table Tennis can bring to our youth in the North. Now we have 5 more coaches that will go back into their community with the knowledge of how to deliver a Table Tennis session” says Table Tennis North Executive Director Thorsten Gohl.

With that in mind those new coaches will still need to practice their skills, try different ways of providing knowledge of the sport. But at the end, they will always have the support of any of the three Territorial Sport Organizations. Great things will happen!!!

Swaythling Club International Magazine

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What a great article in the Swaythling Club International Magazine. Featuring the accomplishments in the North with Table Tennis.

Here is the full magazine: https://swaythlingclub.com/index.php/publications/#flipbook-df_174/1/

Virtual Freestyle Ping Pong Challenge – Maxime Surprenant

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We are excited to have Canadian National Team Coach Maxime Surprenant work with participants in the Virtual Freestyle Ping Pong Challenge in live sessions next week.

On April 5-6, 8-9, 2021 at 5pm MST, there will also be 30 minute live virtual demonstrations of one of the activities per day, led by one of our Canadian National Team Coaches from Quebec, Maxime Surprenant. Everyone is free to join these sessions to learn how to do these challenges.

Join on Facebook Live or on Zoom

ZOOM link information (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87424728729?pwd=eUFEZFZpTkI3eHoreUwyc0NTajFFUT09
Passcode: 998946)

Maxime Surprenant is a full time table tennis coach since 2012, part of the national team coaching staff and Québec’s high performance program since then. He is competition development certified and is based in Montréal, Québec. He coached at several international events like 6 World Cadet Challenges, 2 Pan Am junior Championships, 3 World Junior Championships, 1 Pan Am Championship, 1 World Championship and 1 Pan Am Games. He was the men’s team coach at the 2015 Pan Am Games where the team got a bronze medal. Most recent results were bronze medal in junior boys team at 2019 Pan Am junior championship in Mexico and bronze medal in men’s team at 2019 Pan Am championship in Paraguay. He also took part in the ITTF World Hopes program conducting a Continental Hopes week in Paraguay in 2017. He is very passionate about table tennis and is a very energetic coach both in training and tournament situations. He is Edward Ly’s and Tommy Xu’s main coach who both have won many National titles in their cadet and junior categories.

Table Tennis North launches its first Virtual Ping Pong Challenge

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Fort Providence, Northwest Territories, March 29, 2021 – Table Tennis North (TTN) has been hard at work developing virtual opportunities to engage youth, athletes, coaches and sports organizations this winter. Today, TTN is proud to launch its 2021 Virtual Ping Pong Challenge, an online event for individuals of all ages to complete locally from April 12-16, 2021. 

“We are excited to offer this challenge to encourage new and continued participation in the sport of Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories through a safe avenue during these unprecedented times,” said Thorsten Gohl, Executive Director for Table Tennis North. “The 2021 Virtual Freestyle Ping Pong Challenge is designed to be a fun event for all ages and abilities!”

The event comprises of four challenges: 1) Ping-Pong Flip; 2) Balance Jump; 3) Wall hit; and 4) Hand switch. Participants will record themselves completing all of the four challenges within 30 seconds each and submit a video to Table Tennis North. Officials will assess the results and calculate scores. There will be prizes awarded to first and second place winners of each division.

The Challenge is open to individuals residing in the Northwest Territories in the following age categories: under 13, under 15; under 19; 20 and over. Each category consists of a male and female division. For the Challenge guidelines and additional information, please visit: https://tabletennisnorth.ca/vfppc/

Table Tennis North is a not-for profit organization that supports, promotes and develops an active, healthy and fun environment with the sport of Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories.

Webinar series

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Table Tennis North and Richmond Olympic Oval announced today a new webinar series to empower youth, sports enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, in the North and across the country, providing them with tools and knowledge on how to stay active, and both mentally and physically healthy during these challenging times. 

How do you stay confident in challenging moments? How do you use self-talk and past experiences as tools to enhance your confidence and trust in yourself? How do you fuel your body before competition? How can multisport fitness fit into the rest of your life without becoming your life?  These are some of the themes that will be discussed during these open, positive, and dynamic discussions!

Our experts include:- Mental Performance Coach: Scott Donald – Strength & Conditioning Coach: Emily Perseo – Registered Dietician: Evan Duxbury BSc, RD
Webinar details:

Strength & ConditioningTuesday, March 23 & 304:00 p.m. MT
Mental PerformanceWednesday, March 25 & April 15:00 p.m. MT
NutritionThursday, March 24 & 314:00 p.m. MT

If your coaches, officials, athletes or administrators would like to join the webinars, you can do so by connecting to Table Tennis North’s Facebook page live videos and Zoom sessions at the above mentioned times. To connect via Zoom, participants can email info@tabletennisnorth.ca for more information. You can find all the recordings of our webinars right HERE!!!

A huge thank you to the Nunavut & NWT Lotteries for making this happen!!!

Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?