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May 5 – National MMIWG2S Awareness Day

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Also known as Red Dress Day, May 5 honours the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, 2 spirit, and gender diverse people in Canada by encouraging learning and building awareness to end violence against Indigenous women, girls, 2 spirit, and gender diverse people.

Call to Action 41 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report calls on the federal government of Canada to begin an inquiry into the numerous cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Walk to Tuk

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Table Tennis North is thrilled to join forces with the NWT Recreation & Park Association for the Walk to Tuk initiative.

Our team, known as the Ping Pong Rockstars, consists of a talented group of table tennis players. Walk to Tuk presents a fantastic opportunity for residents of the NWT to engage in a safe, healthy, and exciting winter activity. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing all participants on the journey to Tuk and are excited to contribute to this wonderful initiative. Let’s lace up our walking shoes and make this a memorable experience for everyone involved!

Table Tennis North Reflects on a Successful Year and Looks Ahead to 2024

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We are celebrating a year filled with achievements and exciting developments. From expanding its reach to participating in prestigious games, Table Tennis North has made significant strides in its mission to provide opportunities and possibilities for the youth in the North.

Throughout the year, Table Tennis North focused on teaching and engaging more communities in the Northwest Territories. By introducing table tennis to new areas, the organization aimed to inspire a love for the sport and promote an active lifestyle. Additionally, Table Tennis North prioritized the development of coaches, ensuring that the sport continues to thrive and builds capacity in the communities.

One of the highlights of the year was the organization’s participation in both the Arctic Winter Games and the Canada Winter Games. These events provided a platform for talented athletes from the Northwest Territories to showcase their skills and compete on a larger stage. Notably, the Fort Providence table tennis club is working diligently to send two athletes to the Arctic Winter Games in 2024, demonstrating the growth and potential of the sport in the region.

Table Tennis North also organized the Territorial School tournament, which saw an impressive turnout of almost 150 participants. This event not only fostered friendly competition but also served as a platform for young players to sharpen their skills and gain valuable experience. Furthermore, the Yellowknife Open set a new record with 40 participants, highlighting the increasing popularity of table tennis in the area.

The success of Table Tennis North would not have been possible without the support of its funders, partners, and sponsors. The organization extends its gratitude to the Government of the Northwest Territories, Sport Canada, the Aboriginal Sport Circle, NWT Recreation & Parks Association, Mackenzie Recreation Association, KidSport NWT, Aurora Fort, and Rowe’s Construction. Additionally, Table Tennis North acknowledges the valuable partnerships it has formed with Hockey NWT and Badminton NWT, which have further enriched the sporting community in the North.

As Table Tennis North looks ahead to 2024, the organization has exciting plans in store. More tournaments are on the horizon, including three Table Tennis Festivals in the North Slave, Sathu, and Beaufort Delta regions. These events will provide opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to come together, compete, and celebrate the sport.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Yellowknife Table Tennis Club will offer even more avenues for youth to explore and engage with table tennis. With increased accessibility and resources, the club aims to nurture talent and create a vibrant table tennis community in the area.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties that may lie ahead, Table Tennis North remains steadfast in its mission. The organization is committed to empowering youth and helping them unlock their full potential, both on and off the table. By fostering a love for table tennis and providing a supportive environment, Table Tennis North is dedicated to enabling young individuals to become the best version of themselves.

As 2024 approaches, Table Tennis North eagerly anticipates the opportunities and achievements that the future holds. With the continued support of its stakeholders and the unwavering dedication of its team, the organization is poised to make a lasting impact on the table tennis landscape in the Northwest Territories.

NWT Fires

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We hope that you and your families are safe. Here is an overview on websites that help you navigate through these difficult times in our Territory. If you have any other pages or information the we should include, send us an e-mail to info@tabletennisnorth.ca.

Alberta’s NWT evacuation side: Alberta reception centre locations and supports for Northwest Territories wildfire evacuees.

Financial Support during fire evacuation

Cabin Radio’s LIVE fire coverage – Find the latest information on the ongoing fires in the Territories with Cabin Radio (September 6, 2023).

Cabin Radio’s NWT Fire map – This map uses satellite hot-spots, existing burn area and even the North Slave fibre line’s location.

NWT Highways – This map is interactive; click on it to see important information about specific transportation routes.

NWT Live Fire Map – Updates on the wildfires in a live interactive map.

Nasa’s Fire Map – Fire Information for Resource Management System.

NWT Fire – Latest resource on fires in the Northwest Territories.

NWT Public Safety – Information on NWT wildlife, air quality, fire bans, notices, orders, evacuation and more.

NWT Evacuation Information – Information for evacuees.

Cabin Radio Guide to Financial Assistant – Guide to financial assistance and other supports for NWT evacuees.

Cabin Radio Guide to Evacuation Centres – Guide to evacuation centres and places to stay for NWT evacuees.

Cabin Radio Guide to Evacuation Transportation – Guide to evacuating by air, road for NWT communities.

Flight radar – Follow the air tankers and fire boss aircraft (not every aircraft is shown on that map)

Hay River Fire updates – The Town of Hay River’s updates on the fires in the community.

Fort Smith Fire updates – Updates from the Town of Fort Smith on the fires in the community.

Yellowknife evacuees – Cabin Radio’s guide to support you.

Yellowknife Airport – Arrival and departure of commercial flights in Yellowknife.

Big River (Fort Providence) Gas Station

Opening Hours: 7am until 11pm
Contact information: (867) 699-4301, manager@bigriverservices.com

Check some of the articles on these pages as they have some valuable information.

CBC North

Northern News Services Limited

Cabin Radio

True North FM

List of RADIO STATIONS in your community (not sure how accurate they are, but definitely worth knowing).

Chandra Madhosingh

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Chandra has been part of the first steps of the Territorial Sport Organization in the Northwest Territories and is deeply missed in the North and in our hearts. We are so happy that the Fair Play Award at the Canadian Table Tennis Championships will in his name.

In tribute to the late Chandra Madhosingh, the Fair Play Award at the Canadian Championships will henceforth bear his name. Chandra’s contributions to the sport were immense and multifaceted, spanning roles as a player, coach, official, and administrator. 

His absence is deeply felt, yet his legacy stands tall, a testament to his enduring impact on the sport. Chandra’s influence permeates the very fabric of Canadian table tennis, his roles having encompassed player, club coach, provincial coach, national coach, international umpire, and even President of Table Tennis Canada in the 1980s. He also served on the ITTF’s Media Committee and was elected as a member of TTCAN’s Board of Director in 2019, over three decades after his presidency. 

While Chandra may no longer be with us in body, his spirit endures, forever woven into the heart of Canadian table tennis. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Canadian Table Tennis Championships Fair Play Award 

The Chandra Madhosingh Fair Play Award is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon a player who exemplifies the highest standards of sportsmanship and “fair play” behavior throughout the competition. This award is not merely about the skills or the performance of the player in the game, but it is about the player’s attitude, respect for rules, respect for opponents, and the spirit of camaraderie. 

The process of nomination for this award is carried out by the umpires, who closely observe the conduct of each player on and off the table. These nominations are then forwarded to the Referees and Competition Manager, who make the final selection. This award serves as a testament to the player’s integrity, promoting the essence of fair competition and respect in the Table Tennis world.

Canada Day

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We want to reflect on the significance of this day and the importance of acknowledging the indigenous territories on which our great nation was built.

Canada Day is a time for celebration, but it is also an opportunity for us to deepen our understanding of the rich history and cultural heritage that predates Confederation. The lands and waterways we enjoy today have been inhabited by indigenous peoples for thousands of years, and it is crucial that we recognize and respect their enduring presence.

In commemorating Canada Day, let us not forget the path towards reconciliation that we are collectively undertaking. Reconciliation is a journey that requires us to confront the injustices of the past, acknowledge the ongoing challenges faced by indigenous communities, and work towards building a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

By embracing the principles of reconciliation, we can foster a society that values and respects the rights, traditions, and contributions of indigenous peoples. This includes supporting initiatives that promote indigenous languages, cultures, and self-determination, as well as actively engaging in dialogue and education to bridge the gaps in understanding.

On this Canada Day, let us come together as a nation to celebrate our shared values, diversity, and the progress we have made towards reconciliation. May we use this occasion to reflect on the past, honor the present, and commit ourselves to a future where indigenous peoples are fully recognized, respected, and empowered.

To learn more about how Canadians can support Indigenous communities, please refer to the 94 Calls to Action developed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

We hope today’s events and reflections can help create a more equitable future for all.

Territorial Table Tennis Training Centre

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We are so excited to announce the opening of our Territorial Training Centre in Fort Providence, located in the basement of the Snowshoe Centre.

With 2,500 square feet it allows us to set up a minimum of 4 professional tables with sports flooring. We will be able to live stream our matches to the Pan Canadian League as well as host training centres and trials like the Canada Winter Games and Arctic Winter Games coming up this year.

“What an amazing facility that was hidden in clear sight,” said Executive Director Thorsten Gohl. “So great that we have a permanent space that can be used at any day and time for anyone in the Territories,” he continues.

The facility will be used in September/October to run camps, but also host the trials for the Canada Winter Games. Many wonderful events will be hosted here in the future.

POSTPONED – 5 Pillars of Physical Training

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Our workshop will be postponed for now to open it up to more sport enthusiasts in being able to participate. Stay tuned on our website and Social Media channels.

“Transform your Training!’

— Jadene S. N. Ferreira

Register for the Multisport Master Class Sessions Here

Multisport Master Class

5 Pillars of Physical Training

presented in partnership by:
Table Tennis North & Skating Success™ Inc.

April 23rd & 30th, 2022

2 Sessions – 2 Saturdays – 2 Parts for Optimal Performance
90 minute Sessions – 10:00am MST

The 5 Pillars of Physical Excellence in Training is like unlocking the formula for your success.  
This Master Class is a dedicated space for you to learn the 5 Pillars and how to apply them to any training you do in the future.  
Developed from the power & art of figure skating, allow the 5 Pillars to stretch your concept of physical excellence to apply to your sport. 

Part 1 – Let’s talk about it! 
Webinar Style Learning Session • Saturday, April 23rd – 10am MST

• Introduction to the 5 Pillars
• Examples of each one in action 
• Get ready to transform how you train

Come to your session with the following:

1. A place to write your notes  
2. Comfortable place to sit and connect online 
3. Open mind and willing attitude

Part 2 – Let’s work it! 
Physical Literacy Session • Saturday, April 30th – 10am MST

• 5 Pillars in Action 
• Exercises you can learn and add to your own routine 
• Experience the transformation of training with the 5 Pillars

Come to your session with the following:

1. A place to workout – yoga mat size will be great!
2. Comfortable place to connect online and see your device video
3. Open mind and willing attitude

Happy World Table Tennis Day

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We wishing you all a wonderful World Table Tennis Day. Celebrating from the Arctic Ocean, via the beautiful Mackenzie River, all along the vast Northwest Territories.

Beloved Table Tennis Coach Steve Rowe returns to the North

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We are excited to announce that Arctic Winter Games Coach Steve Rowe will return back to the Northwest Territories. 

Steve will be overseeing the school outreach program, our projects on Hockey & Table Tennis as well as Physical Literacy & Table Tennis. He will be working with our Team NT athletes to start the preparation for the 2023 Arctic Winter Games and the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

“We are super thrilled to have Steve back in the North” says Executive Director Thorsten Gohl. “His energy is creating a wonderful atmosphere for our communities to be active and having fun with playing Table Tennis.”

Steve will also be working on a virtual setting for teaching Table Tennis remotely to schools in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Giving smaller communities the possibility to try out Table Tennis and hopefully find locals to help and support the program. This will be a pilot project that will run from Fort Providence. 

No matter what you call it, Table Tennis or Ping Pong, we hope you join us!!!


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