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Territorial Table Tennis Training Centre

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We are so excited to announce the opening of our Territorial Training Centre in Fort Providence, located in the basement of the Snowshoe Centre.

With 2,500 square feet it allows us to set up a minimum of 4 professional tables with sports flooring. We will be able to live stream our matches to the Pan Canadian League as well as host training centres and trials like the Canada Winter Games and Arctic Winter Games coming up this year.

“What an amazing facility that was hidden in clear sight,” said Executive Director Thorsten Gohl. “So great that we have a permanent space that can be used at any day and time for anyone in the Territories,” he continues.

The facility will be used in September/October to run camps, but also host the trials for the Canada Winter Games. Many wonderful events will be hosted here in the future.

POSTPONED – 5 Pillars of Physical Training

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Our workshop will be postponed for now to open it up to more sport enthusiasts in being able to participate. Stay tuned on our website and Social Media channels.

“Transform your Training!’

— Jadene S. N. Ferreira

Register for the Multisport Master Class Sessions Here

Multisport Master Class

5 Pillars of Physical Training

presented in partnership by:
Table Tennis North & Skating Success™ Inc.

April 23rd & 30th, 2022

2 Sessions – 2 Saturdays – 2 Parts for Optimal Performance
90 minute Sessions – 10:00am MST

The 5 Pillars of Physical Excellence in Training is like unlocking the formula for your success.  
This Master Class is a dedicated space for you to learn the 5 Pillars and how to apply them to any training you do in the future.  
Developed from the power & art of figure skating, allow the 5 Pillars to stretch your concept of physical excellence to apply to your sport. 

Part 1 – Let’s talk about it! 
Webinar Style Learning Session • Saturday, April 23rd – 10am MST

• Introduction to the 5 Pillars
• Examples of each one in action 
• Get ready to transform how you train

Come to your session with the following:

1. A place to write your notes  
2. Comfortable place to sit and connect online 
3. Open mind and willing attitude

Part 2 – Let’s work it! 
Physical Literacy Session • Saturday, April 30th – 10am MST

• 5 Pillars in Action 
• Exercises you can learn and add to your own routine 
• Experience the transformation of training with the 5 Pillars

Come to your session with the following:

1. A place to workout – yoga mat size will be great!
2. Comfortable place to connect online and see your device video
3. Open mind and willing attitude

Happy World Table Tennis Day

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We wishing you all a wonderful World Table Tennis Day. Celebrating from the Arctic Ocean, via the beautiful Mackenzie River, all along the vast Northwest Territories.

Beloved Table Tennis Coach Steve Rowe returns to the North

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We are excited to announce that Arctic Winter Games Coach Steve Rowe will return back to the Northwest Territories. 

Steve will be overseeing the school outreach program, our projects on Hockey & Table Tennis as well as Physical Literacy & Table Tennis. He will be working with our Team NT athletes to start the preparation for the 2023 Arctic Winter Games and the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

“We are super thrilled to have Steve back in the North” says Executive Director Thorsten Gohl. “His energy is creating a wonderful atmosphere for our communities to be active and having fun with playing Table Tennis.”

Steve will also be working on a virtual setting for teaching Table Tennis remotely to schools in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Giving smaller communities the possibility to try out Table Tennis and hopefully find locals to help and support the program. This will be a pilot project that will run from Fort Providence. 

No matter what you call it, Table Tennis or Ping Pong, we hope you join us!!!

Merry Christmas

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From everyone at Table Tennis North, from our bubble to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season! Stay safe and take care.

Thorsten Gohl appointed to the ITTF Media Committee

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At the World Table Tennis Championships and the AGM for the International Table Tennis Federation, Thorsten Gohl was appointed to the Media Committee. The Committee Chair will be reaching out to all the members of the committee in the near future to set a pathway for the future on what will be the role for the committee. Thorsten has been elected to this position for the next 4 years. 

Table Tennis training enhancing reaction time and hand-eye coordination for hockey goalies

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Fort Providence, Northwest Territories, October 6, 2021 – Table Tennis North is releasing the results of a six-week pilot program in the Northwest Territories, which combined skills from two sports; table tennis and hockey. Research shows that participation in multiple sports early in an athlete’s development can have benefits for young athletes, including fewer injuries, enhanced movement skills, and a greater likelihood of long-term sport participation (Côté & Vierimaa, 2014; LaPrade et al., 2016). In addition, skills developed in one sport have the potential to transfer into other sports (Baker, Cobley, & Fraser-Thomas, 2009), which could improve overall sport performance.

With this research in mind Table Tennis North, Table Tennis Canada, Hockey NWT, Hockey North, and Hay River Minor Hockey came together to develop a pilot program. From February 23 to April 4, 2021, seven hockey goalies aged nine to 15 years old participated in a six-week table tennis training program in Hay River, Northwest Territories. The goal of this program was to improve the goalies’ hand-eye coordination and reaction time both on and off the ice.

“Strong hand-eye coordination skills are essential in most sports,” said Thorsten Gohl, Executive Director of Table Tennis North. “Mixing games like table tennis and hockey is the quickest way to improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time in children and teenagers. It keeps them balanced and works with reactions to determine reflex speeds”.

“It is exciting to be partnered with Table Tennis North and seeing innovative projects like this being put on. To be able to see first hand how this pilot program was developed and see how engaged and excited the participants were was excellent,” said Lee Cawson, VP Operations, Aurora Group. “We are looking forward to seeing this continue and other innovative projects come out of our partnership.”

The Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) was contracted to evaluate this pilot program. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess if, and to what to extent, the 6-week table tennis program increased participants’ hand-eye coordination and reaction time. A secondary purpose was to explore participants’ experiences in and perceptions of the program.

“This program offered a unique opportunity for young hockey goalies to develop their skills in a fun, creative and supportive learning environment,” said Veronica Allan, Manager of Research and Innovation at SIRC. “The findings of the evaluation put a spotlight on the early successes of the program, and showed support for its expansion.”

On average, participants improved their off-ice hand-eye coordination by 20.5% after participating in the table tennis training program. Participants’ off-ice computer reaction time, on average, increased by 9.7% following the table tennis training program. On the final test, participants improved their on-ice save percentage by 15.8% following the table tennis training program.

“A multi-sport approach is the best way to enhance and develop physical literacy in individuals, and Mackenzie Recreation Association was excited to support this innovative pilot project that brought together Hockey & Table Tennis to do just this,” added Jessica VanOverbeek, Executive Director Mackenzie Recreation Association.

Table Tennis North and its partners are excited to continue this program in 2022 and expand it to additional northern communities. [ML1] 

Table Tennis North is a not-for profit organization that supports, promotes and develops an active, healthy and fun environment with the sport of Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories.


For more information, please contact:

Thorsten Gohl

Executive Director

Table Tennis North



National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation gives us the opportunity to recognize and commemorate the intergenerational harm that residential schools have caused to indigenous families and communities. It aims to honour those who have been affected by this injustice, celebrate resilience and affirm a commitment that every child matters. 

“This illustration for Truth and Reconciliation Day is about remembering those who didn’t make it home during residential schools. The hand print design is about how each child has history, sacred culture and is unique. The eagle feather is honouring them and the birds are bringing them to peace.” – Elaine Landry

On September 30th we will wear orange to remember, to reflect and to celebrate resilience. We hope that you all join us. 

About Elaine Landry

Elaine a local artist from Fort Providence, Northwest Territories. She studied fine arts at AuArts Calgary and has been drawing for as long as she can remember. 

2017 in review

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It has been another amazing year for Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories. Here are some of the highlights of 2017:

  • 60 professional Table Tennis tables are now in our communities and see a lot of action.
  • 15 communities have been engaged with Table Tennis.
  • Our “Elders in Motion” program has been a huge success and we were allowed to speak at the NWTRPA conference this year on bringing Elders, Kids and the communities together.
  • Readers’ Digest featured a full story on Table Tennis North, reaching across the country and beyond.
  • 135 kids showed up to the 2017 Territorial School Championships.
  • Aurora Ford has become a major sponsor for Table Tennis North.
  • Table Tennis North has been back to the Canadian Table Tennis Championships since over 30 years and reached the Round of 32 in the Men’s Single event.
  • Thorsten was named Volunteer and Coach of the Year by the Territorial Sport Organization. He also received the Betty Tweedy Award by Table Tennis Canada and the Contributor to Sport award by Sport North.
  • Aurora Fraser and Tamara Jovic have been named the Team of the Year by Sport North.

Just some of our many highlights of this year. Every time going into a gym, cafeteria, class room or really anywhere where we find a Table Tennis Table, is a highlight. We are grateful for everyone that has been involved this year and we are excited looking forward to 2018 and the excitement that the Arctic Winter Games will bring.

“And the winner is …” – 2016 Table Tennis North Award winner is known!

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The Board has decided to award Thorsten Gohl with the Volunteer and Coach of the Year Award for 2016.

“Thorsten has set the tone for Table Tennis North with his constant promotion of the sport through social media, newspaper and magazine features and special event coordination. He travels all around the north to provide training for athletes and coaches alike. He also happens to be the person organizing and running tournaments. He does it all!” said Jeremy Kielstra, President of Table Tennis North.

2016 Coach of the Year: Thorsten Gohl
2016 Volunteer of the Year: Thorsten Gohl

“It is very exciting to be in the Northwest Territories and promoting a great sport like Table Tennis. The Board has given me a lot of freedom and I am very excited that we have accomplished so much in just a short period of time” says the new Coach and Volunteer Administrator of the Year, Thor!

Congratulations and THANK YOU Thorsten!


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