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We are all Team NT

Celebrating National Volunteer Week in the Northwest Territories

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During National Volunteer Week, we want to acknowledge the remarkable efforts taking place in the Northwest Territories.

A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated volunteers who consistently support our Table Tennis community, giving their all to make a difference. Without your commitment, our organization would not exist, and our athletes would not have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Your passion for the sport and dedication to creating opportunities for youth are truly inspiring.

Thank you, volunteers, for your invaluable contributions to our community.

Promoting Inclusive Language and Gender Pronouns at the 2024 Arctic Winter Games

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In a proactive move towards fostering inclusivity and creating a safe and welcoming environment for all participants, we are proud to announce our commitment to using inclusive language in all our communications. Recognizing that pronouns are an integral part of someone’s gender expression and identity, we understand the importance of respecting and acknowledging individuals for who they authentically are.

As coaches, mentors, and role models, the language we use and the questions we ask play a significant role in shaping the experiences of those in our programs. We believe that by embracing inclusive language practices, we can enhance the quality of interactions and create a more supportive and inclusive sport environment for all.

In line with our commitment to inclusivity, our coaches at the 2024 Arctic Winter Games will be wearing specially crafted Gender Pronouns pins. These unique pins feature pronouns burned into wood sourced from birch trees native to the Northwest Territories, symbolizing our connection to the region and our dedication to promoting inclusivity in sport. The birch wood used in the pins has been carefully dried for two years, reflecting the time and care invested in creating these meaningful symbols of respect and acceptance.

This initiative is just one of the many steps we are taking towards fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity in sport. By wearing these Gender Pronouns pins, our coaches aim to show their support for gender diversity and create a more inclusive and affirming space for all participants at the Arctic Winter Games.

We invite all participants, supporters, and stakeholders to join us in championing inclusivity and celebrating the diversity that enriches our sporting community. Together, let us continue to strive for a more inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to be their authentic selves.

Join us in this important journey towards inclusion in sport, and let’s make the 2024 Arctic Winter Games a truly inclusive and affirming experience for all. Together, we can create positive change and build a more inclusive future for sports and beyond.

2024 Arctic Winter Games

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Get ready to dive into the excitement of the Arctic Winter Games!!! From cheering on your favorite athletes to exploring Alaska and following the live stream, this page has everything you need. Bookmark now for the latest updates and more! #ArcticWinterGames #AlaskaAdventures #weareallteamnt

RESULTS – Visit this site for up to date medal standings and results. 

LIVE STREAM – Enjoy free access to the live stream and show your support from afar. Let’s make some noise for our champions!

2024 Mat Su Arctic Winter Games
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ULU NEWS – Stay informed with Ulu News, your go-to source for all things Arctic Winter Games.

SPORTS – From alpine skiing to wresling, all the thrilling sports of the Arctic Winter Games are right here on display.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS – Stay in the loop and never miss an event at the Arctic Winter Games.

SPORT SCHEDULE – This schedule is packed with thrilling sporting events at the Arctic Winter Games! Get ready for an amazing week of competition and camaraderie.

TICKETS – Find your tickets now and experience the ultimate winter sports extravaganza.

The animal ambassador for the games is the Chickadee. It will serve as the animal ambassador for the 2024 Mat-Su Arctic Winter Games. After a collaborative process with robust community input, as the Host Society we’ve opted out of the typical sports “mascot” program in favor of a new, more reverent representation of our animal and the spirit of the Games.

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – We would like to acknowledge that the Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games are taking place on the ancestral land of the Dena’ina and Ahtna Dene who have stewarded this area of Benteh and Nuutah for thousands of years. Our community thrives thanks to their continued sharing of vision, wisdom, values, and leadership. We offer our respect to their Elders past and present and to current Tribal leaders.

THE MAT-SU VALLEY – A map of the Mat-Su Valley, including all events and sports. 

#weareallteamnt – Celebrating Unsung Heroes and Uniting the Community

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The “We Are All Team NT campaign has emerged as a powerful initiative aimed at shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes who play a crucial role in supporting our Team NT athletes. This campaign recognizes that the success of our athletes is not solely the result of their individual hard work and dedication but is also a testament to the unwavering support provided by a dedicated group of individuals.

From parents and recreation staff to zamboni drivers, teachers, administrators, and many others, these unsung champions work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our athletes have the necessary resources, guidance, and encouragement to excel in their respective sports. Their selfless contributions to the growth and development of our athletes deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged.

As part of the campaign, all videos showcasing the stories and contributions of these unsung heroes will be hosted on a dedicated platform, providing a platform to showcase their invaluable work and dedication. The campaign serves as a poignant reminder that achieving greatness requires a collective effort and that every member of our community has a role to play in supporting our athletes’ dreams and aspirations.

To further highlight the campaign and show appreciation for those who support sport and recreation in the NWT, Badminton NT, Table Tennis North, and Hockey NWT have introduced wristbands as a symbol of unity and gratitude. Participants in the campaign will be wearing these wristbands, and if you see one, they may have an extra wristband available for you. It’s a simple yet meaningful way to say “thank you” to those who contribute to the success and growth of sports and recreation in the Northwest Territories.

The “We Are All Team NT” campaign embodies the spirit of unity, gratitude, and community support, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and celebrating the unsung heroes who play a vital role in the success of our athletes. Together, let us stand united in honoring and appreciating the dedication and contributions of these individuals who make Team NT a shining example of teamwork and community spirit.

Together, #weareallteamnt!!!

Invitation to Participate in #weareallteamnt Project

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Hockey & Table Tennis are thrilled to continue the initiative, #weareallteamnt, which aims to shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our athletes and coaches in multi-sport games. We believe it is essential to recognize and celebrate these unsung heroes who contribute significantly to the success of our sporting events.

If you know of anyone within your organization who would be interested in participating in this project, we kindly request you to share their contact information with us. You can send an email to thor@tabletennisnorth.ca, and we will promptly get in touch with them to arrange a video interview at a convenient time. To give you an idea of what to expect, check out the link below. These interviews not only provide a platform for these remarkable individuals to share their stories but also inspire others to join our cause.

We are excited about the opportunity to connect with most of you in the next few weeks and collaborate on this project. Together, we can showcase the dedication and passion that drives our sporting community.

Join Team NWT and Participate in the Canada 55+ Games

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Calling all active seniors in the Northwest Territories! If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and connect with like-minded individuals from across Canada, then joining Team NWT for the Canada 55+ Games is the perfect choice for you.

Hosted in Québec City from August 27-30, 2024.

What are the Canada 55+ Games?
The Canada 55+ Games is a national multi-sport event held every two years, specifically designed for Canadians aged 55 and over. It serves as a platform for seniors to engage in friendly competition, promote active living, and foster social connections.

Joining Team NWT:
To be eligible to join Team NWT, you must become a member of the NWT 55+ Games Association. The membership fee is currently set at $10.00 per year or $20.00 per cycle, payable every second year during the Games year. By becoming a member, you gain access to the numerous benefits and opportunities associated with participating in the Canada 55+ Games.

The NWT 55+ Games Association maintains membership in both the CSGA and Sport North, ensuring that Team NWT is well-represented and connected within the larger sporting community.

Expression of Interest Form
Team Selection Policy
Information Sheet

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to showcase your skills, make new friends, and embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Join Team NWT and be a part of the Canada 55+ Games!

You can find more information on the Sport North website: https://www.sportnorth.com/games/canada-55-games-0

Have a look at the Canada 55+ Games website: https://canada55plusgames.com/

Play To Lead Summit

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Two young female NWT athletes, Raine Mingo and Emma Carey,  had the opportunity to attend the Play to Lead Summit in Edmonton over the weekend. 

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation’s Play to Lead initiative is making a significant impact by empowering young women to develop leadership skills and promoting gender equality and diversity in sports.

Both athletes were able to take part in sessions that helped develop their leadership skills while building lasting relationships with like-minded peers.  When asking Raine to reflect on the summit, she said “I had an incredible time at the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities Play to Lead Summit in Edmonton.  I’ve learned lots of new things and ways to bring back the sense of confidence and inclusion in the female athlete world.” Raine is appreciative of the valuable knowledge and strategies she gained at the conference, emphasizing the importance of confidence and inclusion for female athletes. This demonstrates the impact that Play to Lead has on participants’ understanding and ability to create positive change in the sports community.

Additionally, Emma was thankful for the personal growth and motivation she gained from the workshops.  ” All the workshops provided valuable lessons and motivation, benefiting my personal growth as both an individual, athlete and coach.  It is my wish to enhance my own abilities and empower young female athletes to pursue their passion for sports and promote gender equality and diversity in sports in the NWT”. It is heartening to see that Emma aspires not only to enhance her own abilities but also to empower other young female athletes in the North to pursue their passions and advocate for gender equity and diversity in sports.

The Play to Lead Summit not only offers valuable lessons and motivation but also encourages athletes to become change agents in their communities. By equipping young women with the tools they need to be leaders, Play to Lead is fostering a more inclusive and equitable sports environment.

Lead at the 2023 CANADA Winter Games

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Every four years the CANADA Winter Games bring the best youth athletes from the country together.

Within our very own Thor, executive director for Table Tennis North. His responsibility as the NSO (National Sport Organization) Lead, was to liaise between the host society and the NSO. Overseeing all elements of the Table Tennis competition at this prestige Multi Sport event. A task that started 18 month prior to the event that was hosted February/March of 2023. Including sourcing equipment, finding officials, making sure all technical events of the competition are in place and overseen.

Thor was definitely grateful for this learning experience. “It was a team effort with hard working people like our tournament manager and the support of the Referee Team and our officials. Amazing support from the host society through obstacles with the set up of the venue and a few hours of scare with results transmissions.” 

In continuation, “It was not easy at times. We learned, we listened, we adopted and at the end, the athletes were able to give their best performances and will remember this competition for the rest of their lives. We showed the world that Table Tennis is a fantastic sport, made friends and will do even better at the next Canada Winter Games in four year.”

We know that the participants enjoyed the experience and had a wonderful time. They competed for six days, celebrated their personal victories to gold medals, and showed up and give their best. 

Amazing to see our territorial involvement on the national stage and we know that more amazing things are to come. Thank you Thor for your commitment to sport in the Northwest Territories and beyond.

We are all Team NT

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We are proud of our athletes and coaches that will wear the colours of Team NT at the 2023 Wood Buffalo Arctic Winter Games. They represent the Northwest Territories with their hearts, minds and bodies. For each of them a support system is in place, wonderful humans that show up, share their passion, guide them, listen to them, mentor them, waking them up in the morning and so much more. We want to take the time and highlight everyone that contributes to Team NT. 

Please use the hashtag #weareallteamnt and highlight those that make a difference in your life. Tag them in the post, take a picture, create a video and say “We are all Team NT.” Share it with your Territorial Sport Organization and ask them to post it, share it and comment on it. It is all about coming together, supporting each other and making a difference in the North. 

We are all Team NT!!!

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