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Delma Kisoun Memorial Community Contributor Award

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Congratulations to Northwest Territories Thorsten Gohl for winning the 2023 Delma Kisoun Memorial Community Contributor Award with Sport North.

“I am grateful for all the opportunities and possibilities in being part of amazing organizations here in the North. We have some wonderful athletes, coaches, volunteers that like to tell their story.” – Thorsten

Check out the nominations video from several organizations that submitted their nomination:

Thorsten has been involved with the Territorial Sport Organization for 9 years now, supporting every aspect in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories. Beyond that, he has been a Board of Director for Table Tennis Canada in the last three years and sits on several committees within several National Organizations in Canada.

“I say it again, I am grateful that I am in this position. I am privileged to be involved in so many organizations, share my thoughts, and most important, listen to what is happening around me. Good things will happen and I will continue to do my best in supporting our youth to gain experiences, create opportunities, so they can become the best version of themselves.”

We are looking forward seeing more coming from Thorsten and his involvement on a territorial and national level. Once again, congratulations to this award and the volunteer time you spend to support those around you!!!

Congratulations to Yukon’s Kevin & Brian

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We are so proud of our friends from the Yukon. Kevin Murphy and Brian Stuart just received national awards with Table Tennis Canada.

Ivy Liao, Colombie-Britannique – Female Athlete of the Year
Peter Isherwood, Colombie-Britannique – Male Athlete of the Year
Afif Charara, Quebec – Coach of the Year
Brian Stuart, Yukon – Official of the Year
Kevin Murphy, Yukon – Contributor to Sport of the Year

Kevin Murphy:

When the News asked Murphy about the impact the award would have on the sport in the territory, he said it would raise the profile of table tennis in the Yukon.

“For a while we may not see the full effect but it will definitely not hurt the profile of the sport in the Yukon. But we still have to put in the work in the game.”

Check out the article in News Yukon: https://www.yukon-news.com/sports/two-yukoners-recognized-with-national-table-tennis-awards/

Table Tennis Canada announcement: https://ttcanada.ca/congratulations-to-our-2023-award-winners/?fbclid=IwAR1txDwx69Z9OjYlEIVzK57Duvg_m8jbz0r0rmwseJh4-JQpZC9V36BXvCM

Table Tennis North’s Thorsten Gohl receives the Coaching Association of Canada Impact Award

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Fort Providence, Northwest Territories, November 4, 2021 – Table Tennis North Executive Director, Thorsten Gohl, received the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Impact Award during today’s CAC 2021 Gala. Thorsten Gohl, who is an Arctic Winter Games and Canada Games coach, has been involved with table tennis in the Northwest Territories for the last eight years. During this time, he has been preparing athletes for multi-sport games nationally and internationally and working with over 15 communities in the Northwest Territories through Table Tennis North’s outreach program. 

The Coaching Association of Canada Impact Award is presented to an individual or organization in recognition of their creation of an innovative event or program that has benefited the sport and coaching community. Earlier this year, Thorsten Gohl, along with other sports collaborators, introduced a new pilot project in Hay River, Northwest Territories, combining table tennis and hockey to improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Seven goaltenders aged nine to 15 participated in this program and learned a variety of table tennis drills and games to enhance their balance and reflexes. Due to the pilot project’s success, Table Tennis North and its partners are now looking to start this program in the Sahtu and Beaufort Delta regions by 2022.

“On behalf of Table Tennis Canada, I congratulate Thorsten Gohl for this great honour. Thorsten deserves the award for his tireless work in developing sport in the North. We are very proud that our Coaching Development Chair is recognized by the Coaching Association of Canada and that his efforts are making a difference. Table Tennis Canada is lucky to have Thorsten as one of its dedicated volunteers. We are very proud of his achievements, and we wholeheartedly congratulate him for receiving the CAC’s “Impact Award.” – Adham Sharara, President Table Tennis Canada

“There are many innovative programs happening from coast to coast to coast and even beyond the Canadian border. From the Olympic Games movement to playing on an ice table in the middle of a frozen lake in the Northwest Territories, finding fun and effective out of the box projects brings sports together, like table tennis and hockey. The importance of supporting our youth, providing them with knowledge and guidance is key to help them stay active and become the best version of themselves,” mentions Thorsten Gohl, Executive Director of Table Tennis North.

Furthermore, the award highlights the Female Mentorship program that Thorsten Gohl has started and overseen since 2020, which brings coaches from the three Territories together. This program brings in international speakers like Arctic Winter Games Coach Steve Rowe from the United Kingdom, National Junior Team Coach Maxime Surprenant from Québec and former National Team Player Julia Charbonneau from Ontario. Presenting virtual sessions to bring female coaches closer together and starting the process in educating them for the 2023 Canada Games and beyond is a great initiative that will continue to grow.

“Thorsten Gohl is a force in creating a legacy of women’s leadership in communities throughout the North. His mentorship program for female coaches and Hockey and Table Tennis program are designed to have a lasting impact in changing the sport landscape for young children, and in setting the stage for the next generation of women coaches,” says Lorraine Lafrenière, Chief Executive Officer of the Coaching Association of Canada.

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“And the winner is …” – 2016 Table Tennis North Award winner is known!

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The Board has decided to award Thorsten Gohl with the Volunteer and Coach of the Year Award for 2016.

“Thorsten has set the tone for Table Tennis North with his constant promotion of the sport through social media, newspaper and magazine features and special event coordination. He travels all around the north to provide training for athletes and coaches alike. He also happens to be the person organizing and running tournaments. He does it all!” said Jeremy Kielstra, President of Table Tennis North.

2016 Coach of the Year: Thorsten Gohl
2016 Volunteer of the Year: Thorsten Gohl

“It is very exciting to be in the Northwest Territories and promoting a great sport like Table Tennis. The Board has given me a lot of freedom and I am very excited that we have accomplished so much in just a short period of time” says the new Coach and Volunteer Administrator of the Year, Thor!

Congratulations and THANK YOU Thorsten!

“2016 Youth Leadership Award” – Tamara Jovic

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We are so proud of 2016 AWG Athlete and Silver Medalist in the Juvenile Girls Doubles, Tamara Jovic. She received the “2016 Youth Leadership Award” from NWT Recreation and Parks Association.




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