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2023 Arctic Winter Games

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We are so excited to be part of the 2023 arctic winter games in Fort McMurray. Here is some more information on the event.

General information: https://awg2023.org
Table Tennis at the 2023 AWG: https://awg2023.org/table-tennis
Participant handbook: https://awg2023.org/handbook

Live stream: https://awg2023.live/?fbclid=IwAR344hJw5aE1wK90p617n6fdnATfDgR8MS3e8zC0Vl7Z1mt4rRfOr-kmrPg
Schedule & Results: https://awg2023.gems.pro/Result/Event_List.aspx?Sport_GUID=752a9ff5-2783-4492-bc71-c8e67aa3fe63&SetLanguage=en-GB

Follow our social media channels.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tabletennisnorth
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tabletennisnorth

Don’t forget to let us know if there is anyone that you like to highlight for our #weareallteamnt campaign.

Website: https://tabletennisnorth.ca/weareallteamnt

Here is our amazing team lead will make us proud at the Wood Buffalo games.

Sofia Barichello, Yellowknife 
Kathleen Cai, Yellowknife
Karissa , Fort Robidence
Carter , Fort Provifence
David Dragon, Yellowknife
Lennox Mutford, Yellowknife 

If we don’t see you in Fort McMurray, we hope that you follow our social media or the lifestream to cheer on Team NT!!!

Arctic & Canada Winter Games

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Find all the information about the two upcoming events right here. If you have any questions let us know. Send an e-mail to info@tabletennisnorth.ca and we try and get back to you as soon as possible.


The Arctic Winter Games (https://awg2023.org/) will be hosted from January 29th to February 5th in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The trials for this event will be on December 7-11th, 2022 in Fort Providence. The logistics will be arranged by Sport North and the regional coordinators. Table Tennis North will run the competition and the Hamlet of Fort Providence will help us with local support.

Coach Selection
Deadline to submit your interest November 16th, 2022

Athletes Selection
Deadline to register November 7, 2022 (https://www.sportnorth.com/games/arctic-winter-games-2023)

Technical Package


The 2023 Canada Winter Games (https://www.2023canadagames.ca/) will be hosted from February 18th to 25th in Prince Edward Island. The trials for this event will be on December 7-11th, 2022 in Fort Providence. Table Tennis North will be running the logistics and competition with the local support from the Hamlet of Fort Providence.

Coach Selection
Deadline to submit your interest November 16th, 2022

Athletes Selection
Deadline to register November 29th, 2022

Technical Package

Registration link: https://forms.gle/3DH2GDzqrwsCyhZ87

Aerobic Table Tennis Instructor workshop

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Our second virtual Aerobic Table Tennis instructor was a huge success. At the end, we were able to give Professional Development points for our participants that will be reflected in their Coaches Association of Canada‘s database (The Locker).

We will have more courses coming in the near future.

The Language of Inclusion

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As coaches, mentors and role models to others, the language we use and the questions we ask can make or break the quality experiences of the people in our programs.  This session will explore concepts and tools that will help you to speak through an inclusive lens and help you to create quality experiences and inclusive programs for all who participate.  

Mini session from February 17, 2022. Check it out!!!

Saying #ThanksCoach

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National Coaches Week is a time to celebrate the positive impact coaches have on athletes in our communities. The annual campaign is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by taking the time to say #ThanksCoach.

Media Release from the AWG IC regarding the AWG 2023 age categories

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Ping Pong Literacy in Fort Providence

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“We are having a blast here in Fort Providence with Ping Pong Literacy. The kids are in love with the brain breaks, doing activities and keeping active” says Thorsten Gohl, Physical Literacy Coordinator Dehcho Divisional Education Council.

Table Tennis North works with Steve Rowe from Ping Pong Literacy in bringing the program into the communities. First stop was Fort Providence. Engaging the Grades 1-3 in their class room time on a daily basis. Showing some fun videos with PONG the rabbit and doing brain breaks like the up side down exercise.

Ping Pong Literacy

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We are excited to have Steve back in the Territories with his new program PING PONG Literacy. It will be great to engage our youth from 3-7 years of age in being Active for Life.

Working together with the Physical Literacy Coordinator Dehcho Divisional Education Council in bringing the programs into the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories.

“It will be great bringing Steve into the communities of our Region and introducing our kids to Ping Pong Literacy. Learning numerics and literacy in a fun way while having entertaining brain breaks to support being active for life. It cannot be better than that” says Physical Literacy Coordinator Thorsten Gohl

Steve Rowe adds to this “It’s always exciting to be back in the NWT. The children will learn academics, keep fit and table tennis. I am very much looking forward to delivering this amazing new programme to the children in the Deh Cho area. I can’t wait to see the reaction from the teachers and children.”

Yellowknife Open House

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Table Tennis North will be doing an Open House October 18, 2019 from 8-10pm at Weledeh School. We love to see you there.

For more information contact info@tabletennisnorth.ca


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Our Board member in charge of Marketing and Communications, Thorsten Gohl, visited my office in Ottawa to help TTCAN with its communications system.

While in Ottawa, Thorsten took over my office and worked intensely to prepare and propose plans to enhance our communications system and strategies, reactivate our website, and revive our social media platforms.

This is a huge task, but Thorsten is already active and has a 3-point ambitious plan that will see a total redesign of our website and enhanced branding of TTCAN to improve its image and engage our fans, players and table tennis lovers across the country.

During his stay in Ottawa, Thorsten not only played TT every night, he also produced videos of several interviews that will be posted on TTCAN’s platforms very soon. Look out for an interview with Curtis Caron, Stephane Charbonneau and Michel Legault. And if you want to know what is inside Thorsten’s head, other than a mini ping pong table, then look out for his interview as well.

Thorsten drives thousands of miles across Canada in his Table Tennis North Ford pick-up truck, equipped with a mini ping pong table, rackets and balls. Wherever he stops he plays with locals outdoor on the mini table. I was privileged to be asked to play yesterday in the Ottawa heat and hair-raising wind. I look forward to viewing the video.

I have dubbed this part of Thorsten’s promotion of our sport “Have Table Will Travel”. Those who are my age or older will remember the very popular western TV series “Have Gun Will Travel”. Thorsten is a peaceful man, so the mini table replaces the gun. “Stop the Bang Bang, start the Ping Pong” . I hope that we will have a section on our website showing photos of all those that have played on the mini table from all corners of our vast country and during all seasons.

Well, after one week it was time for me to kick Thorsten out of my office. I could only do it by punching him repeatedly. With each punch, his smile got wider. A real dedicated volunteer of our sport.

Thank you Thorsten and keep on trucking, literally.


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