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Supporting Our Athletes’ Journey to the 2024 Canadian Championships

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Team NT Table Tennis is calling on the community to rally behind their fundraising efforts to send four youth athletes to the 2024 Canadian Table Tennis Championships (July 18-24, 2024). The team is seeking support for flights, accommodation, travel, and registration costs to ensure their athletes can compete at the highest level.

To showcase the talent and dedication of their athletes, Team NT Table Tennis has released a video highlighting their journey and the impact of community support. The video serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of backing local athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

Kathleen & Karissa, 2023 & 2024 Arctic Winter Games athletes

GoFundMe page: https://gofund.me/119a6517

“We need your help to make this dream a reality for our athletes,” said Thorsten Gohl, Head Coach Team NT Table Tennis. “Your contributions will go a long way in supporting our team and allowing them to focus on their training and performance.”

How can you help? Team NT Table Tennis welcomes any in-kind donations and financial contributions to cover the expenses for their athletes. Additionally, supporters can offer assistance in other ways by reaching out to the team with their ideas and offers of support.

In recognition of donors’ generosity, Team NT Table Tennis will acknowledge contributors through their social media channels and website. Donations exceeding $500 will be rewarded with a personalized fun video during the team’s trip, while donations over $1,000 will receive an exclusive Team NT t-shirt to show their support during the event.

With a fundraising goal of $11,000, Team NT Table Tennis aims to alleviate financial concerns and focus on delivering engaging content to thank their supporters. The team is excited to share their journey with the community and express their gratitude for the outpouring of support.

The Northwest Territories will be proudly represented by the following youth athletes at the Canadian Table Tennis Championships:

  • Karissa Sadowick, Fort Providence
  • Carter Sadowick, Fort Providence
  • Kathleen Cai, Yellowknife
  • Neilson Vandell, Fort Providence
  • Kevin Canadien, Fort Providence

Under the guidance of Head Coach Thorsten Gohl, the team is gearing up for a transformative experience at the championships. Coach Gohl expressed his enthusiasm for the athletes’ growth and development through this competitive opportunity.

Team NT Table Tennis will kick off their journey with a training camp in Ottawa, followed by a week of intense competition at the Canadian Championships. Two athletes, Kathleen and Karissa, have also been invited to the Female National Training in Quebec City, showcasing the team’s talent and potential on a national stage.

As the team prepares for this exciting chapter, they extend their gratitude to the Mackenzie Recreation Association and Sport North for their support and encouragement. Community members are encouraged to follow Team NT Table Tennis on social media for updates on their journey and to witness the impact of their contributions firsthand.

For more information follow Table Tennis North on Social Media and check our website or send us an e-mail to info@tabletennisnorth.ca. Together, let’s cheer on our local athletes and help them shine on the national stage.


Why support this cause!?
Many individuals have a desire to give back to their community or support causes they are passionate about. Donating allows you to make a positive impact and contribute to the greater good. Overall, supporting our athletes financially can be a meaningful and impactful way for individuals to contribute to causes they care about and make a difference in the world.

Can I donate in-kind goods or services instead of money?
Yes, we welcome in-kind donations of goods or services that align with our organization’s needs. Please contact us to discuss potential in-kind donation opportunities.

How will my donation be used?
Your donation will be used to support our youth for accommodation, travel, flights to the Canadian Championships and the registration for the events.

How can I stay updated on the impact of my donation?
We will provide regular updates on Social Media to keep you informed about the impact of your contributions. You can also reach out to us for specific information on how your donation is making a difference.

How can you help? 
Any in kind donation is welcome. Financially, everything will go towards covering the cost for our athletes. Any other ways to support us, let us know. 

How do we recognize you? 
We will mention you, if you like, through our Social Media and Website. If your donations are higher than $500 we can make a fun video for you during our trip. Over $1,000 you get one of our Team NT t-shirts, so you can cheer us on during the event. 

How much do we need?
If we can reach $11,000, then we don’t need to worry about anything and can just focus on fun videos to share with you and thank you for all your support. 

Excitement and Triumph at the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships

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After a seven-year hiatus, the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships marked a triumphant return, showcasing the talent and dedication of Table Tennis athletes. Hosted at the Territorial Training Centre in Fort Providence, the championships brought together players in the Youth Singles, Open Singles, and Open Doubles divisions for a thrilling display of skill and sportsmanship.

This year’s championships, the third edition since the inception of Table Tennis North, provided a platform for athletes to challenge themselves and vie for the prestigious title of Territorial Champions. The competition was fierce, with participants giving their all to claim victory and etch their names in the annals of NWT Table Tennis history.

The 2024 NWT Territorial Champions emerged from a field of talented contenders, showcasing their prowess and determination on the table. The winners in each division are as follows:

  • Youth Singles: Kevin Canadien (Fort Providence)
  • Open Singles: Akiko Iwase (Yellowknife)
  • Open Doubles: Kathleen Cai (Yellowknife) and Neilson Vandell (Fort Providence)

While congratulations are in order for the deserving champions, the true spirit of the championships lies in the collective effort and sportsmanship displayed by all participants. Every athlete who took part in the competition contributed to the success of the event and demonstrated the passion and camaraderie that define the table tennis community in the NWT.

As the curtains close on the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships, anticipation is already building for the next edition in 2025. The success of this year’s event serves as a testament to the resilience and talent of NWT Table Tennis players, setting the stage for even more thrilling competitions and memorable moments in the years to come.

Congratulations to all participants, organizers, and supporters who made the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships a resounding success. Your dedication and passion for the sport have truly shone through, and we look forward to witnessing more exciting matches and inspiring performances in the future.

Fort Providence Table Tennis Club Hosts Inaugural Championships & Banquet

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June 15th, 2024, marked a historic day in Fort Providence as the first-ever Territorial Club Championships took place, setting a new milestone for the local Table Tennis community. The event, hosted for the first time, was a resounding success, with 13 enthusiastic participants showcasing their skills and sportsmanship at the Territorial Training Centre for Table Tennis.

The day kicked off with the thrilling Open Doubles competition, followed by the competitive Youth Singles matches, and culminated in the highly anticipated Open Singles event. Spectators were treated to a display of exceptional talent and fierce competition, making for an unforgettable day of Table Tennis action in Fort Providence.

Here is the list of winners from the Fort Providence Table Tennis Club Championships:

Neilson Vandell / Ian Landry
Carter Sadowick / Kaleb Sabourin
Karissa Sadowick / Conner Landry

Singles Youth
Carter Sadowick
Karissa Sadowick
Kevin Canadien

Singles Open
Neilson Vandell
Carter Sadowick
Karissa Sadowick

In the evening, the festivities continued with a celebratory banquet, featuring a delectable spread generously provided by Big River Service Station. Attendees enjoyed a delightful array of treats while sharing images and stories from the past year, reflecting on memorable moments, and expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the club.

The highlight of the banquet was the presentation of the inaugural awards, recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions within the Fort Providence Table Tennis Club. The awards ceremony served as a fitting tribute to the dedication and passion of the club members, coaches, and supporters who have played a vital role in the growth and success of table tennis in the community.

Rookie of the Year – Kaleb Sabourin
Best Player of the Year – Neilson Vandell
Sportsmanship Award – Karissa Sadowick
Most Improved Player – Carter Sadowick

As the club looks ahead to another exciting year, preparations are already underway for the upcoming Canadian Championships. The momentum and enthusiasm generated by the Territorial Club Championships will undoubtedly fuel the team as they gear up for the next challenge on the national stage.

Congratulations to all the participants, winners, and organizers of the Fort Providence Table Tennis Club Championships & Banquet. Here’s to another year of camaraderie, competition, and success in the world of Table Tennis!

Karissa & Kathleen Selected for National Female Training Camp in Quebec City

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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Team NT Arctic Winter Games athletes, Kathleen Cai and Karissa Sadowick, have been chosen to participate in the National Female Training Camp organized by Table Tennis Canada in Quebec City.

The training camp promises days filled with intensive technical training sessions, valuable mentorship opportunities, and engaging activities designed to bring together female athletes from all corners of the country. This event serves as a platform to celebrate the sport of Table Tennis and foster camaraderie among young athletes nationwide.

According to the official announcement on the Table Tennis Canada website (https://ttcanada.ca/national-girls-training-camp-set-to-take-place-in-quebec-city/), the training camp aims to unite youth from diverse backgrounds, showcasing their dedication and talent on a national stage. It is a testament to the hard work and commitment of these young athletes who have earned the opportunity to represent their provinces and territories at this prestigious event.

In a statement regarding the training camp, Table Tennis Canada expressed, “This training camp serves as a celebration of Table Tennis, uniting youth from across the country, spanning from coast to coast to coast. It is a testament to the dedication and talent of young athletes who will gather in Québec City for this important event. A special congratulations is extended to the athletes who have been selected to represent their respective provinces and territories at this training camp. Their hard work and commitment to the sport have earned them this opportunity to come together and connect while showcasing their skills on a national stage.”

We are immensely proud of Kathleen Cai and Karissa Sadowick for their selection to this prestigious training camp and are eagerly anticipating their success and growth as they participate in this wonderful initiative. Their dedication and passion for Table Tennis exemplify the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence that we strive to uphold in Team NT.

We wish Kathleen and Karissa the best of luck at the National Female Training Camp in Quebec City and look forward to witnessing their achievements on the national stage. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey at the training camp!!!

2024 NWT Territorial Championships

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The anticipation and excitement is building as the 2024 NWT Territorial Table Tennis Championships are set to take place on June 23rd at the Territorial Training Centre in Fort Providence. This highly anticipated event will feature thrilling competitions in both singles and doubles categories, catering to players of all ages and skill levels.

Sunday, June 23rd, 2024
10am YOUTH singles (born in 2005 or later)
01pm OPEN doubles
03pm OPEN singles

Location: Snowshoe Centre, Fort Providence (1 Mackenzie Drive)
Registration deadline: June 20th, 2024
Sign Up: https://forms.gle/91qZ2SGq8ZJQbq9w8

Rules of Table Tennis: https://documents.ittf.sport/sites/default/files/public/2022-02/ITTF_HB_2022_clean_v1_0.pdf

Players and enthusiasts alike are gearing up for a day filled with intense matches, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. The championships promise to showcase the talent and dedication of table tennis players from across the NWT region, providing a platform for friendly competition and skillful displays of the sport.

Mark your calendars and join us at the Territorial Training Centre in Fort Providence for a day of exciting table tennis action on June 23rd. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a passionate spectator, the 2024 NWT Territorial Table Tennis Championships are not to be missed!

From Table Tennis Enthusiast to Arctic Winter Games Gold Medalist

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Karissa Sadowick’s journey with table tennis began when she crossed paths with Steve Rowe from Ping Pong Literacy during his visit to the Northwest Territories several years ago. In a small community of 700 people, Steve introduced his innovative program on Table Tennis Physical Literacy, integrating the sport with subjects like Mathematics and English for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3. It was in this setting that Karissa first experienced the joy of table tennis, learning to balance a balloon and engaging in fun activities centered around the sport.

Fast forward five years, and Karissa has emerged as a shining star in the world of table tennis, clinching a gold medal at the Arctic Winter Games. Her dedication, countless hours of training, and unwavering support for her community and club have propelled her to success, proving that with hard work, anything is possible.

Thorsten Gohl, Executive Director, emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities and possibilities for youth to reach their full potential. “At just 11 years old, Karissa stands as a remarkable example, already a two-time Arctic Winter Games athlete with a coveted gold “Ulu” in her collection. Beyond her athletic achievements, Karissa’s commitment to fair play and community involvement sets her apart, making a positive impact on those around her.”

As we continue to follow Karissa’s journey, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the incredible accomplishments that lie ahead for her and the inspiring influence she exerts on her community and peers. Karissa Sadowick exemplifies the spirit of determination, sportsmanship, and excellence, embodying the essence of a true champion.

We look forward to celebrating Karissa’s future successes and the positive impact she continues to make in the world of sports and beyond.

Kathleen Cai ‘happy and proud’ to be featured in national campaign

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Celebrating National Volunteer Week in the Northwest Territories

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During National Volunteer Week, we want to acknowledge the remarkable efforts taking place in the Northwest Territories.

A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated volunteers who consistently support our Table Tennis community, giving their all to make a difference. Without your commitment, our organization would not exist, and our athletes would not have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Your passion for the sport and dedication to creating opportunities for youth are truly inspiring.

Thank you, volunteers, for your invaluable contributions to our community.

TT4ALL Hay River

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Table Tennis North is delighted to announce the highly anticipated return of the Table Tennis For All event in Hay River on March 30th, 2024. This event, which promises to be a thrilling and inclusive celebration of table tennis, invites players of all levels to showcase their skills in a friendly and competitive environment.

The event will feature an Open category, providing an opportunity for Table Tennis enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to come together and participate in exciting matches. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the sport, this event is the perfect platform to engage in spirited competition and connect with fellow table tennis enthusiasts.

To register for the event, interested participants can access the sign-up sheet available on our website or contact us via email at info@tabletennisnorth.ca for additional information. We encourage everyone to mark their calendars and join us at the Recreation Centre in Hay River on Saturday, March 30th, 2024, for a day filled with camaraderie and thrilling table tennis action.

The event schedule is as follows:

  • Facility opens at 12:00 pm
  • Open category matches begin at 1:00 pm

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of the Table Tennis For All event in Hay River. We look forward to welcoming you on March 30th for a memorable day of Table Tennis excitement.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/th9KQHhpp7uCdh3J8

For further inquiries, please reach out to:
Table Tennis North
Email: info@tabletennisnorth.ca

Kathleen Cai Shines in Table Tennis Canada’s Women in Table Tennis Campaign

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Yellowknife’s very own Table Tennis prodigy, Kathleen Cai, made waves in the community as she was featured in Table Tennis Canada’s Women in Table Tennis campaign on Wednesday, March 27th. The talented Team NT athlete captivated audiences with her insights, challenges, and love for the sport in a series of social media posts and a video interview.

In her responses, Kathleen shared the challenges she faces as a young athlete, offered valuable advice, and expressed her deep passion for Table Tennis. Her thoughtful and inspiring answers resonated with fans and fellow players alike, showcasing her maturity and dedication to the sport at just 12 years old.

During the video interview, Kathleen discussed her efforts to introduce her friends to the sport and highlighted the joy and fulfillment she derives from playing table tennis. Her enthusiasm and genuine love for the game were evident as she shared her experiences and insights, further solidifying her status as a rising star in the table tennis world.

Kathleen’s exceptional skills and dedication were on full display at the recent Arctic Winter Games in Alaska, held from March 10-16. The young athlete’s impressive performance saw her bring home three Ulu’s, including a Gold medal in Juvenile Female Doubles, a Silver medal in Juvenile Mixed Doubles, and a Bronze medal in Juvenile Female Singles. Her remarkable achievements at the Games underscored her talent, hard work, and competitive spirit, earning her well-deserved recognition and admiration from her peers and supporters.

As Kathleen continues to excel and make her mark in the world of Table Tennis, she serves as a shining example of sportsmanship, positivity, and dedication both on and off the table. Her infectious smile, passion for the sport, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a true role model for aspiring athletes and a source of inspiration for the Table Tennis community.

Table Tennis Canada Facebook

Table Tennis Canada Instagram

With her bright future ahead and a string of impressive accomplishments already under her belt, Kathleen Cai is poised to achieve even greater success and make a lasting impact in the world of table tennis. We eagerly anticipate witnessing her continued growth, achievements, and positive influence as she continues to shine brightly in the sport she loves.

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