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Aerobic Table Tennis | TABLE TENNIS NORTH
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Aerobic Table Tennis

Aerobic Table Tennis coaching session

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Table Tennis North & Aerobic Table Tennis came together on Saturday, January 15th, 2022 to educate female coaches in the Territories and Canadian National Team Athletes to learn more about Aerobic Table Tennis.

“The hope now is to have the program delivered virtually to schools and communities in the North. Inspiring the communities to be active and having fun” says Executive Director Thorsten Gohl.

Starting Aerobic Table Tennis 10 years ago, Steve Rowe was excited about it. “Who would have thought it would be possible to hold a virtual Aerobic Table Tennis Workshop? In partnership with Table Tennis North, we held the first ever virtual Aerobic TT workshop. It was an amazing thing to be part of and I can’t thank the girls enough. It was a huge success. Big thanks to Thorsten Gohl and Table Tennis North for making it possible.”

Table Tennis North will have more workshops in the near future and work in partnership with other organizations in the near future to help and support coaches Canada wide. “It is about coming together, and providing everyone with more knowledge. You don’t need to just do Aerobic Table Tennis, but take some of the elements for your tool box, and we are happy with that,” continues Thorsten.

A huge thank you to Table Tennis Canada’s Gender Equity Committee to help and support our programming in the North. Reaching out to all the three Territories and even including National Team Athletes.

We will partner with other organizations to provide a full on High Performance Aerobic Table Tennis program virtually. Bringing our Provinces & Territories closer together.

Table Tennis AWG Athletes competing at the 2016 NWT Cross Country Run

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October 07th 2016, Fort Providence – 2014 AWG Table Tennis Athlete Fiona Huang and 2016 AWG Table Tennis Athlete Jacqueline Larocque competed at the 2016 NWT Cross Country Run in Fort Providence. Fiona roled her ankle during the race and could not compete at her best, like she did in 2015 when she won the gold medal. Jacqueline on the other hand was in good form, with a big smile on her face and ended up with a Silver Medal in her hands.

We had some questions for both Athletes.


How do you feel? Was it fun?

Jacqueline: It felt awesome I had a lot of fun. I wish I could do it again next year I feel like I could have put in a better time at the end. But I feel as I did great, my first year since grade 7 and I got second. I had only trained for about 2-3 days a week for about 2 weeks. So I am pretty proud of my progress that run.

Fiona: I actually didn’t do that good because I rolled my ankle ?

Was it as hard running Cross Country than it was playing Table Tennis in Greenland?

Jacqueline: No there is no multitasking involved. I didn’t have to focus on anything else but my legs and positive mind to keep going. Where as table tennis there is a bit more to be aware of; the other opponent and how they will play, your body and which way you will go, and trying to keep up hope for the rest of the match

What is harder, running a Cross Country Run or playing Table Tennis at the Arctic Winter Games?

Fiona: Hmmm table tennis I think. hHha running is easier for me!

Do you still play table tennis from time to time?

Jacqueline: Every so often. Not as much as I did for training for the Arctic Winter Games. But it’s fun to just do a game here and there with some friends.

Fiona: Yes I did play this year haha ! Just at lunch and little fun games with my schoolmates. Depends on the match, but sometimes I “kicked some butt”.

What else are you up too lately?

Jacqueline: I go to the gym or I run. Lately I have been doing quite a bit of Volleyball. Last year of high school I better make it count by motivation and progress on my athleticism. School, work, and my health is my main thing right now.

Fiona: Just busy with school.

Video Aerobic Table Tennis

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Aerobic Table Tennis in the Northwest TerritoriesWhat a wonderful time thinking back of Aerobic Table Tennis being in the Northwest Territories.

A BIG thank you once again to Mackenzie Recreation Association, Rowe|s Construction,Aerobic Table Tennis, Butterfly North America and everyone involved! Mahsi!!!

Check out the VIDEO

Butterfly Magazine

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Steve Rowe, the founder of the fitness programme called “Aerobic Table Tennis” recently visited The North West Territories in Canada. Supported by Butterfly, he wanted to show some impressions of this incredible global programme – and found a lot of smiling faces in the great white north

CTV and Aerobic Table Tennis

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We are very fortunate to have had CTV come out and talk to us about Aerobic Table Tennis and our fast grow in the NWT. Very exciting!!!

Watch video of Table Tennis North and Aerobic Table Tennis visited Deh Gah School (Fort Providence) (at minute 22 and 40 seconds)
(Courtesy of CBCplayer)

Table Tennis North and Aerobic Table Tennis visited Deh Gah School (Fort Providence), Chief Sunrise (Hay River Reserve), École Boréale (Hay River), Weledeh Catholic School (Yellowknife) in the Northwest Territories. We worked with 400+ kids and even did a session with 250 at one time. The biggest excitement came from doing a full Aerobic Table Tennis session on ice.

Christina (Principal Chief Sunrise School)
“The kids had a blast!!”

Steve Rowe, Aerobic Table Tennis
“Using Aerobic TT is the perfect way to engage children in a fun fitness activity that teaches them an Olympic sport and will also help them increase their health and wellbeing.”

Jim Snider, President Table Tennis North
“It is a fresh new approach to engage people into an active lifestyle while introducing them to the Sport of Table Tennis.”

Bowie Martin, President Butterfly North America
“It is so great to see the excitement in the kids faces, bouncing to the beat, keeping fit in this innovative fitness workout, play strokes with the beat of music and just having a lot of fun.”

Aerobic Table Tennis in the news

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Aerobic Table Tennis in the newspaper and what a great article by April Hudson from the Deh Cho Drum.

Can you see the smiles on the kids faces?


Aerobic TT Visits NWT Canada

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Aerobic Table Tennis at École Boréale

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Images from our trip with Aerobic Table Tennis at École Boréale in Hay River. GO Team NWT GO!!!

A big thank you to the Mackenzie Recreation Association.

250 kids doing Aerobic Table Tennis in ONE session

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Another amazing session in Yellowknife. 250 kids doing a session of Aerobic Table Tennis. YES, ALL AT ONCE!!!

What a great time we had at Weledeh School. 2 days of intense jumping up and down and seeing a lot of smiles on kids faces.

Thank you!!!

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A great way to finish off a week filled with Table Tennis. Thank you Mackenzie Recreation Association, Aerobic Table Tennis and Butterfly North America for all the support towards making this possible.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers. Without YOU, all this would not be possible. And, the kids, adults, supporters and everyone involved have been GREAT!


Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?