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We Are All Team NT (Northwest Territories) is a powerful campaign that aims to shed light on the unsung heroes who play a crucial role in supporting our Team NT athletes. 

This initiative recognizes that the success of our athletes is not solely attributed to their own hard work and dedication, but also to the unwavering support of individuals such as parents, recreation staff, zamboni drivers, teachers, administrators and many others. These individuals work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that our athletes have the necessary resources, guidance, and encouragement to excel in their respective sports. They are the unsung champions who selflessly contribute to the growth and development of our athletes, and their dedication deserves to be celebrated. 

We Are All Team NT reminds us that it takes a collective effort to achieve greatness, and that every member of our community has a role to play in supporting our athletes’ dreams and aspirations.

“Games like this make the impossible, possible.” Such a powerful message from Pennie on our #weareallteamnt campaign. Building relationships, fostering inclusion, promoting participation, and breaking down barriers. These games give kids a sense of fulfillment, ignite healthy competition, and create lifelong friendships. Let’s keep inspiring and empowering the next generation! #EmpowerKids #BreakBarriers #InclusionMatters

Embracing inclusivity and diversity in sports is what makes Team NT truly special. Heather from Hay River reminds us that every athlete deserves the opportunity to shine and showcase their talents on the multi-sport stage. Let’s celebrate the beauty of different cultures and sports, uniting as one team for a unique and unforgettable experience. 🌟 #TeamNT #InclusivityInSports #DiverseAthletes

Christy coaches local futsal in the Town of Hay River, NT, uniting the community through sport. #weareallteamnt celebrates the diverse opportunities and connections found at multi-sport games. Proud athletes representing @goteamnt and their communities, making memories that last a lifetime. #TeamNT #CommunityPride”

Embracing the power of unity and sportsmanship with Chuck from Biathlon Team Team NT. #WeAreAllTeamNT – where ALL are welcome to compete, grow, and inspire greatness both on and off the field. Let’s come together as a territory and support our youth in becoming not just great athletes, but exceptional human beings. #TeamSpirit #MultiSportGames

Christy is cheering for all the incredible athletes at the 2024 Arctic Winter Games! From the thrill of competition to the camaraderie of pin trading, these events bring together youth from diverse backgrounds and communities. Let’s break barriers, embrace new experiences, and celebrate being part of something bigger than ourselves. #AthleteLife #CommunityUnity #ArcticWinterGames #NAIG #weareallteamnt

Uniting as one territory, Minister Vince McKay leads us to the Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games where we compete with sportsmanship, make new connections, and enjoy some friendly competition. A fantastic opportunity for our youth to showcase their talents!!! #ArcticWinterGames #TerritorialPride #YouthAthletes #weareallteamnt GO Team NT GO!!!

Commissioner Margaret Thom reminds us of the importance of participating in multi-sport games, exploring the world, and representing our territory with pride.

Team NT isn’t just about the players on the field, it’s about everyone who supports and cheers us on. Beverly, Team Manager for the U19 Mat-Su 2024 Arctic Winter Games Team, reminds us that we are all part of #TeamNT, whether in the stands or on the side lines. Together, we are stronger!!!

Students from Deh Gáh School show us that it takes a school to support athletes and coaches to prepare for the Wood Buffalo 2023 Arctic Winter Games. We learn, listen, challenge each other, but at the end #weareallteamnt. GO Team NT GO!!!

Community Table Tennis Coach Neilson has much to give to @goteamnt. Supporting Sport & Recreation in Fort Providence, coaching @goteamnt Table Tennis athletes participating at the @woodbuffalo2023 and is just a lot of fun hanging out with. Definitely an amazing addition to #weareallteamnt.

Town of Hay River, NT’s SAO Glenn Smith is an amazing supporter of Sport & Recreation. From the IT Chair at the Arctic Winter Games 2018, Athlete and Board member with Hay River Curling Club to Softball and more. Always there to support and make a difference in the community. Definitely part of Team NT!!! #weareallteamnt

Carla is Mission Staff for AWGs, as well as a parent to one of our AWG athletes, skate rental coordinator for the Yellowknife Speed Skating Club, mat mom, water girl, and much much more. We are lucky to have you and you are defintiely #weareallteamnt.

Commissioner Margaret Thom is an wonderful supporter of Sport & Recreation in the Northwest Territories. Her wisdom and experience of the communities in North makes her a beloved elder. #weareallteamnt

MP Michael McLeod has been involved with Sport & Recreation for a long time. He shares his thoughts with us on the importance on participating in multi sport games. #weareallteamnt

The North has made an impact on Sarah Gallsworthy, and so has Sarah made on the North. Supporting our communities and being part of the @goteamnt Table Tennis and Hockey community. #weareallteamnt

The 2023 Jeux du Canada Games might be over, but the support for our Team NT athletes continues. We love grandparents come together to be part of the games, cheering from the side lines.

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