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Ping Pong for Good

Ping Pong for Good & Table Tennis North

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Fort Providence, NT, August 2022 – Table Tennis North and Ping Pong for Good are excited to announce their partnership to share resources and knowledge and to provide programs to our communities in the Northwest Territories.  Together we will provide more research possibilities and increase the awareness about the many benefits of playing ping pong. 

Table Tennis North has joined forces with Ping Pong for Good to improve the lives of those with neurological conditions by playing ping pong in ways to optimize brain health. 

“We are thrilled to exchange ideas with such a like-minded oganization,” says Trent MacLean, co-founder of Ping Pong for Good.  “Furthermore, what a peasant surprise to have this driving force come from the Canadian North where I first learned to play ping pong in Inuvik.”

Table Tennis North’s coaches will participate in future training sessions with the Ping Pong for Good program and join the offered virtual sessions. Connecting with other groups in the county in providing similar services and reaching more communities with fun sessions. 

Executive Director for Table Tennis North Thor says “Coming together, sharing resources and knowledge is so important. We love the partnership with Ping Pong for Good and I know that amazing things will come from it. How can it not? It is all about learn-teach teach-learn!!!”

Don’t miss the professional development webinar Brain Health, Exercise and Ping Pong with Table Tennis Canada and Ping Pong for Good on August 10th at 7pm EDT.   You can still sign up for this session here: 


For more information on Ping Pong for Good, click here: https://www.pingpongforgood.org/

We look forward to bringing the Ping Pong for Good program to people across Northern Canada with amazing things to come from this partnership. Stay tuned!!!


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