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Exciting Lineup Revealed for the 2024 Canadian Championships

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The draw for the highly anticipated 2024 Canadian Championships, hosted in Laval (Quebec) took place virtually on July 11th, 2024, with an impressive turnout of over 50 participants joining in for the drawing of the competition. The event promises to showcase top-tier talent from the Northwest Territories, setting the stage for an exhilarating tournament.

Here is a glimpse of the talented competitors who will be vying for glory in various categories:

Men’s Singles

Gulati, Suhsan (Ontario)
Provencher, David (Quebec)
Gohl, Thorsten (NT)

Osuji, Chijoke (Ontario)
Vaibhav, Agrim (Noval Scotia)
Desbiens, Alexandre (Quebec)
Canadien, Kevin (Northwest Territories)

Ly, Kenny (Quebec)
Chen, Jason (Ontario)
Deshayes, Lois (Quebec)
Sadowick, Carter (Northwest Territories)

Nguyễn, Bao (Quebec)
Santos, Virgilio (New Brunswick)
Li, Zachary Zhihao (Ontario) 
Vandell, Neilson (Northwest Territories)

Women’s Singles

Wang, Yi (Nova Scotia)
Barey-Caron, Sidonie (Quebec)
Zhu, Cindy (Ontario)
Sadowick, Karissa (Northwest Territories

Zhang, Sunny (Ontario)
Lee, Victoria (Manitoba)
Cui, Christina (Quebec)
Cai, Kathleen (Northwest Territories)

Men’s Doubles

Vandell, Neilson / Sadowick, Carter (Northwest Territories)
Yang, Zhichen (Ontario) / Yang, Mike (Ontario)

Women’s Doubles

Cai, Kathleen / Sadowick, Karissa (Northwest Territories)
Pan, Ivy (Alberta) / Zuo, Ding Hao (British Columbia)

Mixed Doubles

Canadien, Kevin / Sadowick, Karissa (Northwest Territories)
Ly, Kenny / Murdanaigum, Nelina (Quebec)

Vandell, Neilson / Cai, Kathleen (Northwest Territories)
Oamri, Abdul Javad / Koroleva, Svetlana (Ontario)


Gohl, Thorsten (Northwest Territories)
Bizri, Marwan (Quebec)
Khadem, Shahriar (Ontario)

El, Mark, Wael (Quebec)
Yang, Mike (Ontario)
Champagne, Martin (Quebec)
Cai, Tommaso (Northwest Territories)

U19 Boys

Zeng, Raymond (Quebec)
Parish, Vedant (Ontario)
Joyal, Didie (Manitoba)
Canadien, Kevin (Northwest Territories) 

U19 Team

British Columbia
Canadien, Kevin / Sadowick, Carter (Northwest Territories)

U15 Boys

Guay, Alexandre (Quebec)
Yang, Denis (Ontario)
Wu, Albert (Saskatchewan)
Sadowick, Carter (Northwest Territories)

U15 Girls

Patry, Zoe (Quebec)
Mu, Kathleen (Ontario)
Hector, Thulir (Saskatchewan)
Sadowick, Karissa (Northwest Territories)

Bai, Stephanie (Ontario)
Gao, Jingxi (British Columbia)
Gonzalez, Sara (Quebec)
Cai, Kathleen (Northwest Territories)

U13 Boys

Sun, Jawed (Ontario)
Su, Ethan (British Columbia)
Wang, Aaron (Ontario)
Sadowick, Carter (Northwest Territories)

U13 Girls 

Ning, Duce (Ontario)
Gbadebo, Habhah (Saskatchewan)
Martin, Amaris (New Brunswick
Sadowick, Karissa (Northwest Territories)

Wang, Olivia (Ontario)
Zorila, Alexandra (Quebec)
Zheng, Tonglong (British Columbia)
Cai, Kathleen (Northwest Territories)

U13 Team

New Brunswick
Cai, Kathleen / Sadowick, Karissa (Northwest Territories)

As the countdown to the championships begins, stay tuned for more information on live streams, scheduling details, and additional updates leading up to the event. Let’s rally behind our Northwest Territories representatives, cheer them on, and show our unwavering support as they compete on the national stage.

Wishing all our athletes from the Northwest Territories a successful and memorable tournament. GO TEAM NT GO!

Five NWT players will soon travel south to compete at the national level

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The Yellowknife, July 5, 2024

The top players from the recent NWT Table Tennis Championships in Fort Providence will soon head south to compete at the national level.

The tournament occurred on Sunday, June 23. It was the first such event in seven years, but it went down as a great success, with about 15 competitors all told, including nine young people from elsewhere in the territory.

“We now have some very young players who are really excited about the sport and we want to just keep them engaged,” said Thorsten Gohl, the head coach of the NWT table tennis team. “We haven’t focused on tournaments because it’s a lot of work, but it seems that people would like to see more.”

Four people won trophies at the tournament. Fort Providence’s Kevin Canadien captured the youth singles category, and Yellowknife’s Akiko Iwase prevailed in the open singles category. The open doubles category was won by Kathleen Cai of Yellowknife and partner Neilson Vandell of Fort Providence.

While the excitement of the Fort Providence tournament is still fresh, a group of five NWT players are already looking ahead to an even bigger challenge.

On July 15, Cai will join Fort Providence’s Vandell, Canadien, Karissa Sadowick and Carter Sadowick for a two-day table tennis training camp in Ottawa. From there, the group will head on to the 2024 Canadian Table Ten- nis Championships, which will run from July 19-24 in Laval, Que.

Gohl said the territory’s athletes are per- forming very well for their level, but the trip to Quebec is more about enriching experiences than it is about bringing home trophies.

“It’s not about table tennis,” he said. “It’s

about creating opportunities and possibilities for our youth to become the best version of themselves. For us to send them to a Canadi- an tournament doesn’t mean that they need to excel and be high-performance athletes, it means that they’re travelling together, they’re building the culture together, they’re doing fundraising together, they’re training together.

“They’ll travel from Ontario to Quebec and then back, making friends there. We have a few mentors that are in Ottawa and from B.C. that are flying in too, so they’re trying to build that little bit of a community. Then hopefully when [the players] come back, they feel empowered and then everybody else that sees them wants to be empowered as well. [We’re] creating that circle of constant reinforcement.”

Gohl and his players have been hard at work fundraising for their journey to Ontario and Quebec. It’s an expensive trip, and progress has been somewhat “slow,” but the group has plans for a bake sale and a 50/50 draw that will add to the total they’ve already raised through their GoFundMe campaign, which is still open for donations.

Whatever happens at the coming tournament in Laval, Gohl hopes the members of Team NWT will enjoy themselves, and that their opportunity will inspire more young residents to get involved in table tennis.

The sport is a great way to keep young peo- ple out of trouble, he emphasized, and it is conveniently accessible, with a table, some paddles, and some balls being all that’s required to get going.

“Sports like this can be done anywhere, in any community,” he said. “For me, it can be the sport of the North, because it’s accessible during summer or winter in any spaces.

“It doesn’t need to be [played on] a profes- sional table, but I think we need to create the excitement around it.”

Supporting Our Athletes’ Journey to the 2024 Canadian Championships

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Team NT Table Tennis is calling on the community to rally behind their fundraising efforts to send four youth athletes to the 2024 Canadian Table Tennis Championships (July 18-24, 2024). The team is seeking support for flights, accommodation, travel, and registration costs to ensure their athletes can compete at the highest level.

To showcase the talent and dedication of their athletes, Team NT Table Tennis has released a video highlighting their journey and the impact of community support. The video serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of backing local athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

Kathleen & Karissa, 2023 & 2024 Arctic Winter Games athletes

GoFundMe page: https://gofund.me/119a6517

“We need your help to make this dream a reality for our athletes,” said Thorsten Gohl, Head Coach Team NT Table Tennis. “Your contributions will go a long way in supporting our team and allowing them to focus on their training and performance.”

How can you help? Team NT Table Tennis welcomes any in-kind donations and financial contributions to cover the expenses for their athletes. Additionally, supporters can offer assistance in other ways by reaching out to the team with their ideas and offers of support.

In recognition of donors’ generosity, Team NT Table Tennis will acknowledge contributors through their social media channels and website. Donations exceeding $500 will be rewarded with a personalized fun video during the team’s trip, while donations over $1,000 will receive an exclusive Team NT t-shirt to show their support during the event.

With a fundraising goal of $11,000, Team NT Table Tennis aims to alleviate financial concerns and focus on delivering engaging content to thank their supporters. The team is excited to share their journey with the community and express their gratitude for the outpouring of support.

The Northwest Territories will be proudly represented by the following youth athletes at the Canadian Table Tennis Championships:

  • Karissa Sadowick, Fort Providence
  • Carter Sadowick, Fort Providence
  • Kathleen Cai, Yellowknife
  • Neilson Vandell, Fort Providence
  • Kevin Canadien, Fort Providence

Under the guidance of Head Coach Thorsten Gohl, the team is gearing up for a transformative experience at the championships. Coach Gohl expressed his enthusiasm for the athletes’ growth and development through this competitive opportunity.

Team NT Table Tennis will kick off their journey with a training camp in Ottawa, followed by a week of intense competition at the Canadian Championships. Two athletes, Kathleen and Karissa, have also been invited to the Female National Training in Quebec City, showcasing the team’s talent and potential on a national stage.

As the team prepares for this exciting chapter, they extend their gratitude to the Mackenzie Recreation Association and Sport North for their support and encouragement. Community members are encouraged to follow Team NT Table Tennis on social media for updates on their journey and to witness the impact of their contributions firsthand.

For more information follow Table Tennis North on Social Media and check our website or send us an e-mail to info@tabletennisnorth.ca. Together, let’s cheer on our local athletes and help them shine on the national stage.


Why support this cause!?
Many individuals have a desire to give back to their community or support causes they are passionate about. Donating allows you to make a positive impact and contribute to the greater good. Overall, supporting our athletes financially can be a meaningful and impactful way for individuals to contribute to causes they care about and make a difference in the world.

Can I donate in-kind goods or services instead of money?
Yes, we welcome in-kind donations of goods or services that align with our organization’s needs. Please contact us to discuss potential in-kind donation opportunities.

How will my donation be used?
Your donation will be used to support our youth for accommodation, travel, flights to the Canadian Championships and the registration for the events.

How can I stay updated on the impact of my donation?
We will provide regular updates on Social Media to keep you informed about the impact of your contributions. You can also reach out to us for specific information on how your donation is making a difference.

How can you help? 
Any in kind donation is welcome. Financially, everything will go towards covering the cost for our athletes. Any other ways to support us, let us know. 

How do we recognize you? 
We will mention you, if you like, through our Social Media and Website. If your donations are higher than $500 we can make a fun video for you during our trip. Over $1,000 you get one of our Team NT t-shirts, so you can cheer us on during the event. 

How much do we need?
If we can reach $11,000, then we don’t need to worry about anything and can just focus on fun videos to share with you and thank you for all your support. 

Sport North Offers Exciting Opportunity for NWT Coaches

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Sport North is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for coaches in the Northwest Territories to enhance their skills and expertise through the prestigious Pacific Sport Vancouver Island’s Coaching Academy. With a limited number of virtual seats secured for the upcoming program running from September 2024 to May 2025, Sport North is extending its support to NWT coaches by providing contributory funding to facilitate their participation in this transformative coaching experience.

The Pacific Sport Vancouver Island’s Coaching Academy is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and innovative approach to coach development. By offering select virtual seats in this esteemed program, Sport North aims to empower coaches in the Northwest Territories to elevate their coaching game and unlock their full potential.

In addition to securing seats in the Coaching Academy, Sport North is committed to providing financial support to NWT coaches to ensure they can seize this exceptional opportunity for professional growth and advancement. The contributory funding available through Sport North serves as a testament to the organization’s dedication to nurturing coaching talent and fostering excellence in sports leadership.

Coaches in the Northwest Territories are encouraged to seize this outstanding opportunity by expressing their interest to Spider at Sport North by July 15th. Whether you are a novice coach looking to enhance your skills or an experienced mentor seeking to refine your coaching techniques, the Pacific Sport Vancouver Island’s Coaching Academy offers a transformative learning experience that will take your coaching journey to the next level.

Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a dynamic and supportive coaching community, gain valuable insights from industry experts, and elevate your coaching practice to new heights. Join Sport North in embracing this exciting opportunity to invest in your coaching development and make a lasting impact on the athletes you mentor. Get ready to unlock your coaching potential and embark on a journey of growth, learning, and achievement with the Pacific Sport Vancouver Island’s Coaching Academy.

Spider Jones – coaching@sportnorth.com

Canada Day

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As we celebrate Canada Day, we reflect on the history and achievements of our nation. Today, we honor the diverse cultures and communities that make up our country, recognizing the valuable contributions of Indigenous Peoples—First Nations, Inuit, and Métis.

This day offers an opportunity to reflect on our shared history and the path forward. We acknowledge the deep and enduring relationship between Canada and Indigenous communities, and we are committed to reconciliation and healing.

Here are some suggestions for celebrating Canada Day in a way that acknowledges and respects Indigenous communities:

1. Land Acknowledgment: Begin your Canada Day celebration by acknowledging the traditional Indigenous territories on which you are gathered. This is a way to recognize and honor the Indigenous peoples who have stewarded the land for generations.

2. Indigenous Cultural Activities: Incorporate Indigenous cultural activities into your Canada Day celebrations. This could include traditional dances, music performances, storytelling, or art demonstrations. Invite Indigenous artists, performers, or knowledge keepers to share their talents and traditions.

3. Learn and Share Indigenous History: Take the opportunity to learn more about the history, contributions, and resilience of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Share this knowledge with others through conversations, presentations, or educational materials. Understanding the past is crucial for building a better future.

4. Support Indigenous Artists and Businesses: Purchase Indigenous artwork, crafts, or products from Indigenous-owned businesses. This not only supports economic empowerment but also helps promote and preserve Indigenous culture.

5. Participate in Reconciliation Initiatives: Engage in activities that promote reconciliation and bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. This could include attending workshops or events focused on Indigenous rights, supporting initiatives that address social justice issues, or volunteering with organizations working towards reconciliation.

6. Foster Mutual Respect and Understanding: Encourage open and respectful dialogue about Indigenous issues. Engage in conversations that promote understanding, empathy, and awareness of the challenges faced by Indigenous communities. This can help build stronger relationships and foster a more inclusive society.

Remember, celebrating Canada Day with Indigenous relations is not just a one-day event. It is an ongoing commitment to cultivating meaningful relationships, supporting Indigenous rights, and working towards reconciliation throughout the year.

On this Canada Day, let us celebrate our unity while continuing to learn from one another, fostering respect, understanding, and meaningful partnerships. Together, we can build a future rooted in equity, justice, and mutual respect.

The Spirit of the North Award Recognizes Table Tennis Champions

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Table Tennis North’s annual Spirit of the North Award ceremony is a time-honored tradition that celebrates the outstanding contributions of individuals in the Northwest Territories to the sport of Table Tennis. This year, the spotlight shines on three remarkable individuals who have not only excelled in competition but have also dedicated themselves to promoting and nurturing the love for Table Tennis in their communities.

The recipients of this prestigious award have left an indelible mark on the Table Tennis landscape in the NWT, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship, dedication, and passion for the game. Their achievements, both on and off the table, serve as an inspiration to fellow athletes and enthusiasts, showcasing the transformative power of sport in bringing communities together.

Kathleen Cai (Yellowknife): Kathleen’s remarkable achievements as a three-time medalist at the 2024 Arctic Winter Games are a testament to her unwavering dedication to the sport of Table Tennis. Her commitment to showing up for every training session, coupled with her infectious smile, has not only earned her accolades but has also established her as a role model for Team NT. Kathleen’s relentless work ethic, coupled with her desire to constantly better herself, serves as an inspiration to her peers and aspiring athletes alike. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of perseverance and self-improvement, showcasing her as a shining example of excellence in sportsmanship.

Neilson Vandell (Fort Providence): Neilson Vandell is truly deserving of this award for his unwavering dedication to the sport of Table Tennis. As the driving force behind the Fort Providence Club, he has created a welcoming space for both youth and adults to hone their skills and passion for the game. Neilson’s commitment goes beyond just running tournaments; he has also actively engaged in community outreach programs and provided invaluable support to young athletes at territorial events. His leadership and passion for Table Tennis have not only elevated the sport locally but have also inspired many to pursue their own athletic dreams. Congratulations to Neilson Vandell for his outstanding contributions to the Table Tennis community.

Paul Albert Mendoza (Yellowknife): Paul Albert’s passion for Table Tennis shines through as he graciously accepts this well-deserved award. His unparalleled knowledge of the sport in the Territories sets him apart, but it is his genuine love for the game that truly inspires those around him. Whether he is practicing with a smile on his face, competing in tournaments, or offering unwavering support to his fellow players, Paul’s dedication and sportsmanship are evident in every aspect of his involvement with Table Tennis. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his commitment to sharing his love for the sport makes him a true asset to the Table Tennis community.

While the specific award winners are not listed in this article, their impact and contributions to Table Tennis in the NWT are truly commendable. From representing the territory at the Arctic Winter Games to running table tennis clubs and sharing their love for the sport with others, these individuals have demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing the sport and fostering a culture of excellence in the NWT.

As Table Tennis North extends its heartfelt congratulations to this year’s award recipients, they also express gratitude to the countless individuals who support and champion Table Tennis and sports in general in the Northwest Territories. The collective efforts of coaches, volunteers, officials, and fans play a vital role in nurturing the growth of table tennis and creating opportunities for athletes to thrive and succeed.

The Spirit of the North Award serves as a reminder of the values that define the community in the NWT – integrity, perseverance, and a shared love for the game. It is a testament to the dedication and passion of those who contribute to the sport’s development and success, enriching the lives of individuals and communities across the territory.

As we celebrate the achievements of this year’s award winners and reflect on the impact of their contributions, let us also recognize and appreciate the broader network of individuals who form the backbone of Table Tennis in the NWT. Together, we continue to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and excellence that defines our community and propels us towards a brighter future for the sport in the North.

Excitement and Triumph at the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships

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After a seven-year hiatus, the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships marked a triumphant return, showcasing the talent and dedication of Table Tennis athletes. Hosted at the Territorial Training Centre in Fort Providence, the championships brought together players in the Youth Singles, Open Singles, and Open Doubles divisions for a thrilling display of skill and sportsmanship.

This year’s championships, the third edition since the inception of Table Tennis North, provided a platform for athletes to challenge themselves and vie for the prestigious title of Territorial Champions. The competition was fierce, with participants giving their all to claim victory and etch their names in the annals of NWT Table Tennis history.

The 2024 NWT Territorial Champions emerged from a field of talented contenders, showcasing their prowess and determination on the table. The winners in each division are as follows:

  • Youth Singles: Kevin Canadien (Fort Providence)
  • Open Singles: Akiko Iwase (Yellowknife)
  • Open Doubles: Kathleen Cai (Yellowknife) and Neilson Vandell (Fort Providence)

While congratulations are in order for the deserving champions, the true spirit of the championships lies in the collective effort and sportsmanship displayed by all participants. Every athlete who took part in the competition contributed to the success of the event and demonstrated the passion and camaraderie that define the table tennis community in the NWT.

As the curtains close on the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships, anticipation is already building for the next edition in 2025. The success of this year’s event serves as a testament to the resilience and talent of NWT Table Tennis players, setting the stage for even more thrilling competitions and memorable moments in the years to come.

Congratulations to all participants, organizers, and supporters who made the 2024 NWT Territorial Championships a resounding success. Your dedication and passion for the sport have truly shone through, and we look forward to witnessing more exciting matches and inspiring performances in the future.

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day: Honoring History, Heritage, and Resilience

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On June 21, as we observe National Indigenous Peoples Day, we come together to acknowledge and celebrate the rich history, diverse heritage, unwavering resilience, and vibrant cultures of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples across Canada. This day serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring contributions and profound significance of Indigenous communities in shaping the fabric of our nation.

Originally known as National Aboriginal Day, the commemoration was officially established in 1996 by then Governor General of Canada, Roméo LeBlanc, through the Proclamation Declaring June 21 of Each Year as National Aboriginal Day. Since then, this day has been a time to honor and recognize the unique traditions, languages, and customs of Indigenous peoples, while also highlighting their ongoing struggles and triumphs.

For generations, many Indigenous groups and communities have marked June 21 or around that time of year as a day of celebration, coinciding with the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. This symbolic date holds deep cultural and spiritual significance, representing renewal, growth, and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

As we reflect on National Indigenous Peoples Day, we express our profound gratitude to the Indigenous communities of the Northwest Territories for their enduring stewardship of the land and their gracious hospitality in allowing us to reside, work, play, and thrive on their traditional territories. We recognize and honor the profound contributions of Indigenous peoples, whose traditional knowledge, wisdom, and cultural practices have enriched our lives and communities in immeasurable ways.

On this day of remembrance and celebration, let us reaffirm our commitment to reconciliation, respect, and partnership with Indigenous peoples, as we strive to build a more inclusive, equitable, and harmonious society for all. May National Indigenous Peoples Day serve as a moment of reflection, appreciation, and solidarity with Indigenous communities across Canada.

Mental Performance Coach Chelsea for 2027 Canada Games Preparation

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Table Tennis North is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Mental Performance Coach Chelsea in anticipation of the 2027 Canada Winter Games. This partnership aims to provide athletes & coaches with enhanced opportunities to unlock their full potential, bringing together professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Chelsea will be working closely with coaches and athletes, commencing this June, to establish a strong rapport and understanding before meeting in person at the Training Camp in Ottawa. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as the team prepares for the Canadian Table Tennis Championships, where youth athletes will be competing for the first time.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Chelsea serves clients both in-person and virtually across the country, offering a philosophy centered on empowering individuals to define and achieve their own success. With a diverse clientele spanning various sports such as soccer, hockey, figure skating, golf, volleyball, and more, Chelsea specializes in high-performance mindset, confidence building, communication, team culture, leadership development, and gender equity and women/girls empowerment.

The partnership between Table Tennis North and Chelsea signifies a commitment to the growth and development of athletes and coaches in the Northwest Territories. The support and expertise Chelsea brings to the table are poised to elevate the performance and mindset of the team as they gear up for the 2027 Canada Winter Games. Excitement abounds as the collaboration sets the stage for a transformative journey towards excellence in Table Tennis.

I am thrilled to be working with Table Tennis North! I appreciate any opportunity to work with NWT athletes because the values of hard work, community, and resilience are always so apparent, and aligned with my own. Table Tennis is a sport that has always fascinated me: it requires an immense amount of focused attention, mental resets, deliberate strategy, and delicately refined skills. Being a part of Team North and witnessing the heights of their athletes’ potential will be nothing short of a privilege. Let’s get to work!” – Chelsea

Chelsea currently lives and works out of Ottawa Ontario meeting with clients in person and virtually across the country. Her philosophy is grounded in challenging others to achieve self-defined success. Clientele consists of individuals teams clubs and coaching groups across an array of sports including soccer hockey figure skating golf volleyball and more! Specialities include high performance mindset confidence building communication team culture leadership development as well as gender equity and women/girls empowerment. 


Fort Providence Table Tennis Club Hosts Inaugural Championships & Banquet

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June 15th, 2024, marked a historic day in Fort Providence as the first-ever Territorial Club Championships took place, setting a new milestone for the local Table Tennis community. The event, hosted for the first time, was a resounding success, with 13 enthusiastic participants showcasing their skills and sportsmanship at the Territorial Training Centre for Table Tennis.

The day kicked off with the thrilling Open Doubles competition, followed by the competitive Youth Singles matches, and culminated in the highly anticipated Open Singles event. Spectators were treated to a display of exceptional talent and fierce competition, making for an unforgettable day of Table Tennis action in Fort Providence.

Here is the list of winners from the Fort Providence Table Tennis Club Championships:

Neilson Vandell / Ian Landry
Carter Sadowick / Kaleb Sabourin
Karissa Sadowick / Conner Landry

Singles Youth
Carter Sadowick
Karissa Sadowick
Kevin Canadien

Singles Open
Neilson Vandell
Carter Sadowick
Karissa Sadowick

In the evening, the festivities continued with a celebratory banquet, featuring a delectable spread generously provided by Big River Service Station. Attendees enjoyed a delightful array of treats while sharing images and stories from the past year, reflecting on memorable moments, and expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the club.

The highlight of the banquet was the presentation of the inaugural awards, recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions within the Fort Providence Table Tennis Club. The awards ceremony served as a fitting tribute to the dedication and passion of the club members, coaches, and supporters who have played a vital role in the growth and success of table tennis in the community.

Rookie of the Year – Kaleb Sabourin
Best Player of the Year – Neilson Vandell
Sportsmanship Award – Karissa Sadowick
Most Improved Player – Carter Sadowick

As the club looks ahead to another exciting year, preparations are already underway for the upcoming Canadian Championships. The momentum and enthusiasm generated by the Territorial Club Championships will undoubtedly fuel the team as they gear up for the next challenge on the national stage.

Congratulations to all the participants, winners, and organizers of the Fort Providence Table Tennis Club Championships & Banquet. Here’s to another year of camaraderie, competition, and success in the world of Table Tennis!

Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?