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Thursday, March 17th, 2022 at 12pm MST
Meeting ID: 837 8401 3290
Passcode: 191438

Have a look at Rachelle’s workshop recipes she’ll be making this Thursday. You might be able to cook along with her. You can download the document HERE.

Thursday, February 24th, 2022 at 12pm MST

Introduction to Sport Nutrition: Fuelling the Body for life and performance
Meeting ID: 837 8401 3290
Passcode: 191438

You can find Rachelle’s presentation right HERE.

Rachelle is a Registered Dietitian temporarily licensed with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia. She graduated from UBC Vancouver with a Bachelor’s of Food Nutrition and Health degree majoring in Dietetics. Rachelle has had clinical experience in rehabilitation, general medicine, gastrointestinal surgery, and diabetes. Additionally, she worked with the Canadian Sport Institute, where she provided nutrition interventions, presentations, workshops and developed recipe ideas to support Olympic athletes. Rachelle is currently enrolled in the IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma program to elevate her current sports nutrition knowledge. Rachelle is passionate about both plant-based and sports nutrition and is inspired by motivating others to find balance and create a deeper understanding of nutrition to optimize their performance. Rachelle’s hobbies include personal training, working out, and creating fun and innovative plant-based recipes.

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