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2023/24 School Champions

2023/24 School Champions

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The 2023/24 NWT School Table Tennis Championships was a remarkable event that saw the participation of 8 schools, with over 120 youth enthusiastically competing.

The Executive Director, Thorsten Gohl, who has had roles in the Olympic Games, world championships, and Canadian championships, expressed his admiration for the NWT School Championships, describing it as “Organized chaos. Students cheer on their classmates next to the tables. High fiving during the rally. Just so beautiful.”

It was particularly heartening to see Fort Good Hope participating for the first time. A special acknowledgment goes to Michel Allard for his commendable support to the youth in the Sahtu Community.

The results of the championships were impressive, reflecting the hard work and dedication of all the participants.


Grade 6 male

1. Kobe White, WMS
2. Emmitt Kincaid, Saint Joseph
3. Kael Enns, WMS

Grade 6 female

1. Karissa Sadowick, Deh Gah 
2. Lukka Nolting, WMS
3. Madeline Jackson, Fort Good Hope

Grade 7 male

1. Carter Sadowick, Deh Gah
2. Cruz Munro, WMS
3. Craig Tracy, WMS

Grade 7 female

1. Kathleen Cai, WMS
2. Emereigh Moffat, WMS
3. Tessa Stewart, WMS

Grade 8 male

1. Owen Bowden, St. Pats
2. Cooper White, WMS
3. Austin Morton, St. Pats

Grade 8 female

1. Lexi Blandford, St. Pats
2. Ana Villegas, St. Pats
3. Emma Rae McBryan, St. Pats

Grade 9 male

1. Aiden Langer, St. Pats
2. Kingston Torinda, St. Pats

Grade 10 male

1. Nathan Lavers, St. Pats
2. Jake Mariano, St. Pats
3. Vital Mackeinzo, Fort Good Hope

Grade 11 male

1. Kai Shimada, St. Pats

Grade 12 male

1. Zachery Mathison, St. Pats
2. Gabe Brost, St. Pats

Grade 12 female

1. Raine Mingo, St. Pats


High School

1. Gabe Brost / Raine Mingo, St. Pats
2. Aiden Langer / Kingston Torinda, St. Pats
3. Jake Mariano / Paul Mendoza, St. Pats

Middle School

1. Najib Mohammed / Owen Bowden, St. Pats
2. Carter Sadowick/ Kaleb Sabourin, Deh Gah 
3. Craig Tracy/ Jack Lyall, WMS

High School Banner: St. Patricks
Middle School Banner: WMS

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As we look forward to what 2024 brings, we are hopeful that more athletes will participate, further enhancing the spirit of camaraderie and competition that makes the NWT School Table Tennis Championships such a unique and cherished event.

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