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Play to Lead

Play to Lead

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Play to Lead enables young women to develop the skills, confidence and relationships to become leaders, while improving gender equity and diversity in sport. The hybrid program unites a group of female athletes and their coaches, empowering them to reach their full potential and fostering a powerful network of girls in sport in Canada.

Jumpstart is launching the second year of the Play to Lead program. During the Summits, athletes will have the opportunity to network, develop leadership skills, and form friendships. After the Summits, the program will continue online, with athletes participating in regular virtual sessions and completing assignments to support their learning. Coaches will mentor the athletes, helping them apply their learnings during practices and games.

Participants from the Northwest Territories will be:

Emma Carey
Raine Mingo

Mentors: Beverly Pilgrim, Thorsten Gohl

“I feel honoured to be playing even a small part in empowering our young female NWT athletes to become role models and leaders within their sport. Through the Play to Lead conference, I am looking forward to networking with other sports leaders and gaining knowledge and tools as to how I can continue to guide these young women to be the best version of themselves. Not only as athletes but also as women in everyday life. By empowering these girls we are giving them a say in what they need, and allowing them to help mold and create a better future for themselves and those behind them. I believe that you can only be what you can see in this world, and I want to help create an environment where these young women can see dynamic women in every aspect of their sport.” – Beverly Pilgrim, supporting the youth and mentoring them throughout the project.

More information on the Play to Lead project can be found on the Jumpstart website.

Jumpstart Play To Lead Summit | Class of 2022-2023

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