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Nomination for Coach of the Year

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Congratulations to Thorsten for being nominated for the 2016 NWT Coach of the Year Award.


Northern Youth Abroad visit

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Great to have Thorsten from Table Tennis North stop by the NYA office today to teach us a few tricks!

Butterfly Magazine

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Steve Rowe, the founder of the fitness programme called “Aerobic Table Tennis” recently visited The North West Territories in Canada. Supported by Butterfly, he wanted to show some impressions of this incredible global programme – and found a lot of smiling faces in the great white north

Table tennis-obsessed retiree travels the globe to become a top-tier player

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A Yellowknife table tennis enthusiast is proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

Sixty-one year old retiree Paul Devitt recently returned home from a professional table tennis training camp in Hungary.

“I really just want to be the best that I can be,” Devitt says.

He trained six hours a day to get in shape before travelling to Hungary last month. He spent two weeks at the Hungarian training camp, getting tips from some of Europe’s top coaches.

CTV and Aerobic Table Tennis

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We are very fortunate to have had CTV come out and talk to us about Aerobic Table Tennis and our fast grow in the NWT. Very exciting!!!


Watch video of Table Tennis North and Aerobic Table Tennis visited Deh Gah School (Fort Providence) (at minute 22 and 40 seconds)
(Courtesy of CBCplayer)

Table Tennis North and Aerobic Table Tennis visited Deh Gah School (Fort Providence), Chief Sunrise (Hay River Reserve), École Boréale (Hay River), Weledeh Catholic School (Yellowknife) in the Northwest Territories. We worked with 400+ kids and even did a session with 250 at one time. The biggest excitement came from doing a full Aerobic Table Tennis session on ice.

Christina (Principal Chief Sunrise School)
“The kids had a blast!!”

Steve Rowe, Aerobic Table Tennis
“Using Aerobic TT is the perfect way to engage children in a fun fitness activity that teaches them an Olympic sport and will also help them increase their health and wellbeing.”

Jim Snider, President Table Tennis North
“It is a fresh new approach to engage people into an active lifestyle while introducing them to the Sport of Table Tennis.”

Bowie Martin, President Butterfly North America
“It is so great to see the excitement in the kids faces, bouncing to the beat, keeping fit in this innovative fitness workout, play strokes with the beat of music and just having a lot of fun.”

Aerobic Table Tennis in the news

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Aerobic Table Tennis in the newspaper and what a great article by April Hudson from the Deh Cho Drum.

Can you see the smiles on the kids faces?


Aerobic TT Visits NWT Canada

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Mini Table

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Every school that participated in the Territorial Championships received a THOR Mini Table Tennis Table for their school. How exciting is this!!!

Don’t they look happy!!!?

“Team NWT YOU CAN PLAY Video Initiative”

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Table Tennis North is taking part of the “Team NWT YOU CAN PLAY Video Initiative” by Sport North.

“You Can Play is about respect,” said Sport North’s Spider Jones, who is coordinating the initiative. “It’s about respect for athletes, and coaches and fans, regardless of sexual orientation.

“The message is simple: it’s about welcoming LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning] athletes to sport,” he said. “Making it safe for athletes to participate. It’s what they can bring to sport, not based on their sexual orientation.”

GO Team NWT GO!!! — with Thor S Ten, Tamara Jovic, Ollie Williams and Brian Liang.

Territorial Championships in the news

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Thank you very much for News North adding a beautiful article into their paper.


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