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2016 NWT School Table Tennis Championships

TT NORTH 293 comments

Weledeh Catholic School and Table Tennis North hosted the 2016 NWT School Table Tennis Championships in Yellowknife on Sat. November 26th. 

The idea was very simple, play as many matches as possible. Therefore, organizers decided to create 2 big Round Robins,  mixed boys and girls, grades 6 and 7, one group, and grades 8 to 12, the other. The winners of each grade were decided by the overall ranking of their group. 

Undefeated, in not just their own grade, but the entire tournament, were Cole Clinton (6, 7) and Brian Liang (8-12) The youngest athlete, Zakary Mathieson (Grade 2) was undefeated, even among the Grade 6 players. That made him the gold medalist! 

Here are the results by Grades.

Grade 6 Boys

Zachary Mathison – Weledeh
Lennox Mutford – William Mac Donald
Adam Clinton – Allain St-Cyr

Grade 6 Girls

Natasha Zoe – Weledeh

Grade 7 Boys

Cole Clinton – Allain St-Cyr
Darius Moosenose – Weledeh

Grade 7 Girls

Amy Bestina – Weledeh
Therese Coyen – Weledeh
Jaylin Hamilton – Weledeh

Grade 8 Girls

India Edwards-Lowen – St. Patrick

Grade 9 Boys

Louis Phillipe Cloutier – Allain St-Cyr

Grade 9 Girls

Aurora Frasor – St. Patrick

Grade 10 Boys 

Brian Liang – Sir John Franklin
Anthony Wood – Allain St-Cyr

Grade 10 Girls

Tamara Jovic – Sir John Franklin

Grade 12 Boys 

Adrian Litao – St. Patrick
Sebastian Toner – St. Patrick
Justin Uson – St. Patrick

Grade 12 Girls

Katrina Deneron – Thomas Simpson

 Ava was named the “Fair Play Award Winner” for her positive attitude and encouragement for her team mates and others, as well as, finding the time to umpire matches. Katrina and Ava also received the “Most Improved Players award, showing up early for practice, enthusiastically giving their best. 

Most improved player award

Katrina Deneron – Thomas Simpson
Natasha Zoe – Weledeh

Fair Play Award

Ava Erasmus – Thomas Simpson

Jeremy Kielstra, President of Table Tennis North, was excited about the tournament. “Table Tennis North has had a successful few weeks running programming for youth here over the last couple of weeks. Things culminated with a tournament on Saturday. I think this was a great event for the sport and will encourage involvement in Table Tennis moving forward. Thank you to Thor for organizing and executing the events over the past weeks in Yellowknife. Thanks also to Ulli Nolting for helping out wherever needed.”

“It has been an amazing event, everything worked out perfectly” says Executive Director, Thor about the workshops and tournament this past weekend. He adds, “The kids got to play a lot of matches, even the parents used the opportunity to play on the tables that were available. The kids actually improved a lot in just that one day. Table Tennis rocks!!!”

We are looking forward to the 2017 Territorial Championships hosted in Fort Providence from January 27th to 29th 2017. See you there!?

2016 Yellowknife Table Tennis Open

TT NORTH 881 comments

Weledeh Catholic School in Yellowknife was the host of the 2016 Yellowknife Table Tennis Open. A beautiful gym, set up with 8 professional Table Tennis tables and 11 excited players to participant in the tournament.

“We only had 6 medals, but really, EVERYONE was a WINNER”, a very nice comment by Table Tennis North Executive Director Thor Gohl. With a big smile on his face he continuous “This was our first ever Table Tennis tournament in Yellowknife as a Territorial Sport Organization. Loosing or winning, everyone had fun. Actually winning or almost winning is a better way to describe it.”

Men’s Open 

  1. Davor
  2. Denis
  3. Jeremy Kielstra

Women’s Open

  1. Akiko Iwase
  2. Shirley Zhang
  3. Slavica Jovic

Thank you so very much for everyone coming out for a fun evening of Table Tennis and supporting our Territorial Organization!

Sport North visiting Table Tennis at Sir John High School

TT NORTH 6,130 comments

It was a very exciting time for Table Tennis North when Doug Rentmeister, Executive Director of Sport North, came for a visit to Sir John High School. He observed the clinic that coach Thor was hosting with the Sir John Sport Academy.

Table Tennis is the 30th Territorial Sport Organization and newest member under the Sport North Umbrella. Now 16 months old, Table Tennis North has reached 11 communities, plus played and workshoped with over 2,500 children in the Northwest Territories. This month of November has included  5 schools in  Yellowknife. 

“Sport North is the foundation of our success. They welcomed us into their family just over a year ago, giving us the possibility as a Territorial Sport Organization to expand and grow. It is very important to come together and make the North stronger, we work and succeed together with one common goal.”

May we present ….

TT NORTH 734 comments

… the new Table Tennis North Logo!

Our logo was designed in November 2016, symbolically it reflects and joins our Sport and our Environment; Table Tennis North.

“It took us a little while to figure it all out, but I think it looks great. Modern, energetic, artistic and everything we wanted in a logo that reflects the North and the Sport” says Executive Director Thorsten. He continues, “Our Athletes will wear the logo proudly as they can identify with it, their sport and their home. A logo has a lot of power in bringing people together! I am excited about our future!!!”

The conception of the lines represent two aspects, an abstract version of the Northern Lights and the idea of the movement of the game, the ball, the paddle, the people and the spirit.


The blue colours reflect the lakes, the Mackenzie River and the Arctic Ocean.


The green is also for the beauty of the land of the Northwest Territories, as well as, the flowing Northern Lights dancing through the skies.


The Maple leaf reflects Canada, Table Tennis North in the Northern frontier of Canada, the True North Strong and Free.


NCCP Table Tennis Community Coaching Course

TT NORTH 423 comments

Coaches in the Community Sport stream typically become involved on a voluntary (and often short-term) basis because their children participate in a sport. They tend to work with participants of all ages who are new to the sport.

Pathway for the Community Coach in Table Tennis

Here is some more information on the Table Tennis Canada Website about Coaching in Canada: http://ttcan.ca/en/home/sty/337/760/coach-education.aspx

The course will be talking about:

Table Tennis Technique
Simple Games to play
General Table Tennis skills


Weledeh Catholic Church
5023 46 St, Yellowknife, NT X1A 1L3


November 12th 2016
9am to 12pm



What to bring?

Indoor shoes
Water bottle

Interested? Send us an e-mail to info@tabletennisnorth.ca

Table Tennis Sport Chairperson 2018 Arctic Winter Games

TT NORTH 844 comments

Table Tennis North is very excited to announce that our very own Thor Gohl will be the Sport Chairperson for Table Tennis at the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games.

“Thorsten brings an energy and enthusiasm to all of his work,” states Todd Shafer, General Manager 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games. “We look forward to having him join our team and help us create a truly memorable experience for all the Games participants.”

Greg Rowe, President 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games says “Thor’s colorful personality and passion for Table Tennis is contagious, he has inspired athletes from across the NWT to want to join this sport, and we are excited to have him directly involved with the 2018 Games.” 

You can definitely hear the excitement in Thor’s voice “This is a wonderful opportunity and I am sure that we will have a great Table Tennis event at the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games in Fort Smith.” Thor brings not just the experience of 3 years in the Northwest Territories with him, but also being part of major National and International Table Tennis events. “Yes, I have seen a lot of major Table Tennis events in the World, including the 2016 Arctic Winter Games. This will help me to make this the best event yet! Our legacy for the 2018 Games has already started with clinics in the smaller communities and the upcoming 2016 Territorial School Championships in Yellowknife. Maybe we can even bring a big event in the Territories prior the the Arctic Winter Games.”

Everything seems to be possible and we are looking forward to it. Congratulations Almighty Thor!

Arctic Winter Games Athlete becomes Board of Director

TT NORTH 20 comments

Fort Providence, October 29th 2016 – Arctic Winter Games Athlete Mikaela Vandell is becoming a new member of the Board of Directors at Table Tennis North. The 2014 and 2016 Arctic Winter Games Athletes was voted on the Board on October 21st 2016 as a Member at Large.

The new President of the Board will be Jeremy Kielstra from Yellowknife, while Marny Twigge from Hay River will take on the Vice-President role.

“We are excited to see the growth of table tennis in the north over the past year and we are eager to expand the reach of the sport into more communities in the North. In addition, we are also very pleased to announce that Mikaela Vandell has joined our board of directors. She has been a positive role model for her peers and a younger up and coming generation of table tennis players. She has also been volunteering as a coach for younger players for the past several months in Fort Providence.” says the newly voted President of the Association, Jeremy Kielstra.

Mikaela Vandell was definitely excited about it as she smiles along “I will become a Coach for the AWG 2018 here in the Northwest Territories. It has been a long journey for me and I am very happy where I am today.”

Congratulations Mikaela, we are very proud of you!

Dehcho Drum article – “Tournament wraps up table tennis clinics”

TT NORTH 2,430 comments

Another great article on Table Tennis in the newspaper. Reporter April Hudson finds very nice words to describe the 2 days tournament in Fort Providence at Deh Gah School. 
“When you think about it, you need handeye co-ordination, you need to actually know how the whole game works and in the three weeks they had it was really amazing”, said Thor in this article.
Read the full article right here …

2016 Territorial School Championships

TT NORTH 146 comments

Weledeh School and Table Tennis North are excited to host the 2016 Territorial Table Tennis School Championships from November 25-27th 2016. It will be a combination of clinic and tournament so the students can see how a Table Tennis tournament is run and experience it. This will be our second Territorial School Championships in just one year of being a Territorial Sports Organization.

Early in Spring this year, all physical education teachers in Yellowknife came together to plan Table Tennis clinics in their schools. To finish those clinics they wanted to host a tournament and that is how it all came together.

“We are looking forward to this event. There is quite a few kids interested in Table Tennis, so I am sure that we will have a good turn out for this event.” says Ulli Nolting, Phys. Ed. Teacher at Weledeh School.

Also very excited about this is Marny Twigge, new elected Vice-President of Table Tennis North “We see that the schools are definitely loving the sport of Table Tennis and I am sure that this will be a great event with many participants.”

You can find more information right here on our website: https://tabletennisnorth.ca/2016-territorial-school-championships/

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Weledeh School on November 25th 2016!

2016 Deh Gah School Championships

TT NORTH 1,034 comments

Deh Gah School in Fort Providence was hosting their first ever Table Tennis Championships. Tournament Director Mikaela Vandell hosted over 50 kids from Junior to Senior High School to find a winner in the 2 days afternoon competition.

Senior High – 1. Place Willie Aqulaq 2. Place Dustin Bonnetrouge 3. Place Wyatt Causa

Junior High – 1. Place Evan Nadly 2. Place Luke Bonnetrouge 3. Place Isaac Bonnetrouge

After 3 weeks of Table Tennis Clinics at Deh Gah School and a daily Table Tennis Club, it was a great way to finish the physical education classes with a tournament.

Images from the tournament

Tournament Director Mikaela Vandell with the Winners

Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?