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Renowned Coach Steve Rowe Returns to Northwest Territories 

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We are thrilled to welcome back esteemed coach Steve Rowe, who played a pivotal role in the success of Team NT during the 2018 and 2020 Arctic Winter Games. Steve’s return marks an exciting development as he joins the team in preparing for the upcoming 2024 Arctic Winter Games. 

Steve will lend his expertise and experience to assist in the preparation of Team NT, ensuring they are ready to compete at their best in the highly anticipated Arctic Winter Games. His guidance and mentorship will be invaluable in helping the athletes reach their full potential and showcase their skills on the international stage.

In addition to his involvement with Team NT, he will also contribute to the development of Table Tennis Festivals and the Community Sport for All Initiative across all regions of the Northwest Territories. These initiatives aim to promote inclusivity, active participation, and community engagement in sports throughout the territory.

Recognizing the importance of virtual programs in the current landscape, Steve will play a key role in building a virtual training program for NWT athletes. This program will provide athletes with the necessary resources and support to continue their training and development, even in the absence of in-person events and competitions.

Furthermore, he will actively support the Freestyle Ping Pong Challenge, an exciting event that encourages creativity and innovation in table tennis. This unique challenge pushes the boundaries of traditional table tennis and showcases the versatility and skill of the athletes. His involvement extends beyond the competitive realm as he contributes to building the School Program and Coach Development initiatives. By sharing his knowledge and expertise with coaches and educators, he aims to enhance the overall sporting experience for young athletes in the Northwest Territories.

Expressing his excitement about returning to the NWT, Steve stated, “I am thrilled to be back in the Northwest Territories and to have the opportunity to work with such talented athletes and dedicated coaches. Together, we will strive for excellence and create a positive impact in the sporting community.”

The NWT eagerly anticipates the incredible developments that will unfold under Steve Rowe’s guidance and expertise. With his return, the stage is set for a remarkable year of sporting achievements and community engagement.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress and accomplishments of Team NT and the exciting initiatives led by Steve Rowe. The Northwest Territories is poised to witness extraordinary feats in the world of sports.

Join Team NWT and Participate in the Canada 55+ Games

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Calling all active seniors in the Northwest Territories! If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and connect with like-minded individuals from across Canada, then joining Team NWT for the Canada 55+ Games is the perfect choice for you.

Hosted in Québec City from August 27-30, 2024.

What are the Canada 55+ Games?
The Canada 55+ Games is a national multi-sport event held every two years, specifically designed for Canadians aged 55 and over. It serves as a platform for seniors to engage in friendly competition, promote active living, and foster social connections.

Joining Team NWT:
To be eligible to join Team NWT, you must become a member of the NWT 55+ Games Association. The membership fee is currently set at $10.00 per year or $20.00 per cycle, payable every second year during the Games year. By becoming a member, you gain access to the numerous benefits and opportunities associated with participating in the Canada 55+ Games.

The NWT 55+ Games Association maintains membership in both the CSGA and Sport North, ensuring that Team NWT is well-represented and connected within the larger sporting community.

Expression of Interest Form
Team Selection Policy
Information Sheet

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to showcase your skills, make new friends, and embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Join Team NWT and be a part of the Canada 55+ Games!

You can find more information on the Sport North website: https://www.sportnorth.com/games/canada-55-games-0

Have a look at the Canada 55+ Games website: https://canada55plusgames.com/

Table Tennis North Reflects on a Successful Year and Looks Ahead to 2024

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We are celebrating a year filled with achievements and exciting developments. From expanding its reach to participating in prestigious games, Table Tennis North has made significant strides in its mission to provide opportunities and possibilities for the youth in the North.

Throughout the year, Table Tennis North focused on teaching and engaging more communities in the Northwest Territories. By introducing table tennis to new areas, the organization aimed to inspire a love for the sport and promote an active lifestyle. Additionally, Table Tennis North prioritized the development of coaches, ensuring that the sport continues to thrive and builds capacity in the communities.

One of the highlights of the year was the organization’s participation in both the Arctic Winter Games and the Canada Winter Games. These events provided a platform for talented athletes from the Northwest Territories to showcase their skills and compete on a larger stage. Notably, the Fort Providence table tennis club is working diligently to send two athletes to the Arctic Winter Games in 2024, demonstrating the growth and potential of the sport in the region.

Table Tennis North also organized the Territorial School tournament, which saw an impressive turnout of almost 150 participants. This event not only fostered friendly competition but also served as a platform for young players to sharpen their skills and gain valuable experience. Furthermore, the Yellowknife Open set a new record with 40 participants, highlighting the increasing popularity of table tennis in the area.

The success of Table Tennis North would not have been possible without the support of its funders, partners, and sponsors. The organization extends its gratitude to the Government of the Northwest Territories, Sport Canada, the Aboriginal Sport Circle, NWT Recreation & Parks Association, Mackenzie Recreation Association, KidSport NWT, Aurora Fort, and Rowe’s Construction. Additionally, Table Tennis North acknowledges the valuable partnerships it has formed with Hockey NWT and Badminton NWT, which have further enriched the sporting community in the North.

As Table Tennis North looks ahead to 2024, the organization has exciting plans in store. More tournaments are on the horizon, including three Table Tennis Festivals in the North Slave, Sathu, and Beaufort Delta regions. These events will provide opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to come together, compete, and celebrate the sport.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Yellowknife Table Tennis Club will offer even more avenues for youth to explore and engage with table tennis. With increased accessibility and resources, the club aims to nurture talent and create a vibrant table tennis community in the area.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties that may lie ahead, Table Tennis North remains steadfast in its mission. The organization is committed to empowering youth and helping them unlock their full potential, both on and off the table. By fostering a love for table tennis and providing a supportive environment, Table Tennis North is dedicated to enabling young individuals to become the best version of themselves.

As 2024 approaches, Table Tennis North eagerly anticipates the opportunities and achievements that the future holds. With the continued support of its stakeholders and the unwavering dedication of its team, the organization is poised to make a lasting impact on the table tennis landscape in the Northwest Territories.

Embracing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Our coaches deliver a powerful message through their actions. Wearing ‘Every Child Matters’ and Gender Pronouns pins, we create an inclusive environment where language becomes a tool for acceptance. Let’s honor everyone’s authentic selves and foster a culture of respect and understanding.

Language is a powerful tool for communicating inclusivity in sport. Language is not neutral. It is closely tied to the culture and society in which it is used. Sport is not an equal playing field, it is a sex-segregated world, where not everyone belongs and is welcomed. Sport is however, one of the most powerful platforms for promoting equality and empowering all who participate. One of the ways we can start moving towards equality in sport is with the language we use.

Gender pronouns (he/she/they/ze etc.) specifically refer to the person you are referring to. Pronouns are a part of someone’s gender expression and send the message to others of who they authentically are and how they feel about themselves.

Many non-binary people feel left out of society and often have their pronouns ignored, misused, or discounted.  Non-binary or genderqueer are umbrella terms for gender identities that are neither male or female, boy or girl. 

Below are a few links that can help you practice using other pronouns:

Safe and Helpful Hints:

  • Don’t guess – Ask. It is acceptable to ask someone what pronoun they use.
  • Use singular “they/them/theirs” for a person until you have the opportunity to ask about their pronouns.
  • You can also use their name until you learn their pronouns.
  • If you have trouble remembering someone’s pronoun, it is okay to ask for a reminder.
  • If you misuse someone’s pronouns, acknowledge that you have done that and move on.  The best way to show that you care is to try to use the correct pronoun.

Tips for programs and practices:

  • Offer a non-binary gender option for membership registration.
  • Update registration forms, and online forms, to include the gender pronouns that individuals use.
  • Avoid referring to a group or team with “hey guys” or “hey girls”. Use gender neutral language like ‘hey team’ or “hey everyone”.
  • Start sharing your pronouns to normalize the behavior of not making assumptions about gender identity. You can start by adding your pronouns to your email signature.

It may take some getting used to. You may feel awkward at times. Correctly using someone’s pronouns allows the person to feel seen and included-and that’s powerful. Ultimately, using gender-neutral pronouns when referring to a group or person, or about a group or person, doesn’t require too much effort on your part. It will make a huge difference in creating a warmer, more inclusive sport environment for everyone.

Gold Medalist Raine

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In the heart of the Northwest Territories, an athlete named Raine discovered her passion for Table Tennis. It was 2017 when she first participated in the NWT School Table Tennis Championships. Little did she know, this was the beginning of an incredible journey.

To Raine, the gold medals she won were not just symbols of victory, but tokens of her growth, confidence, and knowledge of the game. Each time she held a medal in her hands, she felt a sense of accomplishment and pride that was unparalleled. The sport of table tennis had become more than just a game to her. It was a teacher, instilling in her values of perseverance, resilience, and the importance of never giving up, no matter how hard the challenge.

Over the years, Raine’s dedication and skill earned her numerous accolades. From grade 6 to 12, she consistently won gold in the singles category. In mixed doubles, she was a formidable player, winning either gold or silver throughout the same years. The year 2020 and 2021 were challenging due to the Covid pandemic, but Raine didn’t let it deter her spirit. She came back stronger in 2022 and 2023, winning gold in singles and mixed doubles.

Representing her school, St. Pats, was a matter of immense pride for Raine. She felt a sense of responsibility and joy in contributing positively to her school community. Her achievements were not just her own, but a testament to the support and encouragement she received from her school and her coaches.

As Raine prepares to embark on a new journey to university, she carries with her the lessons and experiences from her table tennis journey. She looks forward to exploring new opportunities in sports and is excited about what the future holds for her.

What does this achievement mean to you?
Playing in the Table Tennis tournaments over the years has increased my confidence and knowledge of the game. When I’ve played Table Tennis, I’ve always felt really accomplished and proud.  

What does sport mean to you?
For me, sports teaches values, allows me to have fun, learn new ways to improve my abilities and meet new athletes from around the country. Sports allows me to push myself to do my best and to never give up when something may be hard to do. 

Tell us about your medals …
I have won gold in the singles category from grade 6-12 and have won either gold or silver in mixed doubles throughout the same years. 

2017- Gold in singles, Mixed Doubles
2018- Gold in singles
Silver Mixed Doubles
2019- Gold in singles
Silver Mixed Doubles
2020/2021- Covid 
2022- Gold in singles 
2023- Gold in singles, Mixed Doubles

What does it mean to represent your school?
Representing my school, St. Pats, gives me a sense of pride by positively contributing to my school community.

What’s next?
I’ll be off to University this fall! I will be getting involved in sports as well as any sport related opportunities that may come available. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for me. 

Raine’s story is a testament to her character. As Thorsten Gohl, the Executive Director of Table Tennis North, rightly said, “Raine is a role model, a leader, and just a wonderful human being. We are proud of you and are looking forward to many amazing things to come to you.”

Raine’s journey is a shining example of how sports can shape a person’s life, teaching them invaluable lessons and helping them grow into better individuals.

Coming together for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

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Hockey NWT and Table Tennis North have taken a significant step towards fostering a more inclusive and diverse sporting environment by coming together to form a joint committee focused on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). 

This collaborative initiative is a testament to their commitment to ensuring that all participants, regardless of their background, feel welcomed, respected, and valued. The committee aims to promote equal opportunities, celebrate diversity, and foster an inclusive culture within both sports. By working together, Hockey NWT and Table Tennis North are setting a precedent for other sporting organizations, demonstrating that unity and collaboration are key to achieving progress in EDI. This joint committee is not just about policy-making, but also about creating a positive change in the sporting community, where everyone can thrive and enjoy the sports they love.

Committee Member Shakita Jensen (she/her), “What I am most excited for is being part of an initiative that aims to diminish barriers and celebrate diversity, making sport a safe and enjoyable environment for all.”

The committee is committed to foster an inclusive and diverse environment within the organizations. It was created for the benefit of all and aims to have representation across the entirety of the NWT. You will see our members at the Arctic Winter Games trials this week, so if you see them say “Hi” to Thorsten, Beverly and Shakita. 

We are always open to welcoming more members who share our values and are passionate about promoting equity and diversity in sports. If you would like to learn more or get involved, please send an email to media@hockeynorth.ca or info@tabletennisnorth.ca. Our committee is proud of the diversity we have already achieved and will continue to work towards creating an inclusive space for all.

Thank you NWT & Nunavut Lotteries

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Grateful for another incredible year, and a heartfelt thank you to our amazing funding partner, the NWT & Nunavut Lotteries. Your unwavering support for sports and recreation in the Northwest Territories is truly commendable. Together, we’re making dreams come true and building a stronger, healthier community. #Gratitude #Partnership #SportsForAll #weareallteamnt

Virtual Table Tennis Officials Clinics

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We are excited to host a virtual Table Tennis Officials clinic before the highly anticipated Arctic Winter Games (March 10-16, 2024). These virtual sessions aim to educate participants about the rules of Table Tennis, teach them how to officiate at tournaments, and provide them with an opportunity to be part of future Canadian Table Tennis Championships and multi-sport events like the Arctic Winter Games and the Canada Winter Games.

We have meticulously planned six sessions to be held on Tuesdays leading up to the Arctic Winter Games. The sessions are divided into two parts: athlete sessions from 6:30 to 7:00 PM and officials sessions from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. This schedule allowed both athletes and aspiring officials to participate without any conflicts.

The dates for the sessions are as follows: https://forms.gle/L5dRpL2BJHQDVYvs9

December 12
January 9, 23
February 6, 20, 27

Athletes 6:30-7pm
Officials 7-8pm

To learn more about the clinic, interested individuals are encouraged to send an email to the organizers (info@tabletennisnorth.ca).

Table Tennis Rules

Enthusiasts who are eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in Table Tennis officiating are encouraged to sign up for the sessions. The clinic promises to be an invaluable opportunity for anyone to learn from experienced officials, gain practical insights, and prepare themselves for future tournaments and prestigious events.

Team NT #awg2024

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As the excitement builds for the upcoming 2024 Arctic Winter Games, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the exceptional athletes who have qualified to represent Team Northwest Territories. The recently concluded trial event, held from November 23-26, 2023, showcased an abundance of talent and determination. With great pride, we announce the names of the qualified athletes who will proudly represent our region in Alaska.

The trial event held in November was a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by our athletes. They showcased their skills, resilience, and unwavering commitment to their respective sports. The level of competition was intense, and it was truly inspiring to witness the incredible performances of our athletes.

We are thrilled to announce the names of the talented athletes who have earned their place on Team Northwest Territories for the 2024 Arctic Winter Games.


Nihilesh Gohil, Yellowknife
Vital MacKeinzo, Fort Good Hope
Ava Pokiak, Hay River


Dallas Lafferty, Fort Good Hope
Carter Sadowick, Fort Providence
Kathleen Cai, Yellowknife
Karissa Sadowick, Fort Providence

With the qualified athletes ready to embark on their journey to Alaska, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Arctic Winter Games. This prestigious event will not only provide a platform for our athletes to showcase their abilities but also foster camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants from various regions.

As we celebrate the success of our qualified athletes, we extend our warmest congratulations to each of them. Their hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment have earned them a place on Team Northwest Territories for the 2024 Arctic Winter Games. We wish them the best of luck as they prepare to represent our region with pride and passion. Let us rally behind our athletes and show them our unwavering support as they embark on this incredible journey to Alaska.

GO Team NT GO!!!

2023/24 School Champions

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The 2023/24 NWT School Table Tennis Championships was a remarkable event that saw the participation of 8 schools, with over 120 youth enthusiastically competing.

The Executive Director, Thorsten Gohl, who has had roles in the Olympic Games, world championships, and Canadian championships, expressed his admiration for the NWT School Championships, describing it as “Organized chaos. Students cheer on their classmates next to the tables. High fiving during the rally. Just so beautiful.”

It was particularly heartening to see Fort Good Hope participating for the first time. A special acknowledgment goes to Michel Allard for his commendable support to the youth in the Sahtu Community.

The results of the championships were impressive, reflecting the hard work and dedication of all the participants.


Grade 6 male

1. Kobe White, WMS
2. Emmitt Kincaid, Saint Joseph
3. Kael Enns, WMS

Grade 6 female

1. Karissa Sadowick, Deh Gah 
2. Lukka Nolting, WMS
3. Madeline Jackson, Fort Good Hope

Grade 7 male

1. Carter Sadowick, Deh Gah
2. Cruz Munro, WMS
3. Craig Tracy, WMS

Grade 7 female

1. Kathleen Cai, WMS
2. Emereigh Moffat, WMS
3. Tessa Stewart, WMS

Grade 8 male

1. Owen Bowden, St. Pats
2. Cooper White, WMS
3. Austin Morton, St. Pats

Grade 8 female

1. Lexi Blandford, St. Pats
2. Ana Villegas, St. Pats
3. Emma Rae McBryan, St. Pats

Grade 9 male

1. Aiden Langer, St. Pats
2. Kingston Torinda, St. Pats

Grade 10 male

1. Nathan Lavers, St. Pats
2. Jake Mariano, St. Pats
3. Vital Mackeinzo, Fort Good Hope

Grade 11 male

1. Kai Shimada, St. Pats

Grade 12 male

1. Zachery Mathison, St. Pats
2. Gabe Brost, St. Pats

Grade 12 female

1. Raine Mingo, St. Pats


High School

1. Gabe Brost / Raine Mingo, St. Pats
2. Aiden Langer / Kingston Torinda, St. Pats
3. Jake Mariano / Paul Mendoza, St. Pats

Middle School

1. Najib Mohammed / Owen Bowden, St. Pats
2. Carter Sadowick/ Kaleb Sabourin, Deh Gah 
3. Craig Tracy/ Jack Lyall, WMS

High School Banner: St. Patricks
Middle School Banner: WMS

The Yellowknifer Newspaper

As we look forward to what 2024 brings, we are hopeful that more athletes will participate, further enhancing the spirit of camaraderie and competition that makes the NWT School Table Tennis Championships such a unique and cherished event.

Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?