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Mini Table

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Every school that participated in the Territorial Championships received a THOR Mini Table Tennis Table for their school. How exciting is this!!!

Don’t they look happy!!!?

“Team NWT YOU CAN PLAY Video Initiative”

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Table Tennis North is taking part of the “Team NWT YOU CAN PLAY Video Initiative” by Sport North.

“You Can Play is about respect,” said Sport North’s Spider Jones, who is coordinating the initiative. “It’s about respect for athletes, and coaches and fans, regardless of sexual orientation.

“The message is simple: it’s about welcoming LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning] athletes to sport,” he said. “Making it safe for athletes to participate. It’s what they can bring to sport, not based on their sexual orientation.”

GO Team NWT GO!!! — with Thor S Ten, Tamara Jovic, Ollie Williams and Brian Liang.

Territorial Championships in the news

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Thank you very much for News North adding a beautiful article into their paper.


2016 Territorial Championships

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Fort Providence was the host for the 2016 Territorial Championships. What an amazing event the FIRST EVER NWT Territorial Table Tennis Championships were. We had a blast, a great time playing a fun sport.

Drum rolls please …

May we present, the 2016 NWT Territorial Champions!


1. Aurora Fraser / David Sangris (N’Dilo)
2. Riis Schaub / Tannish Sangris (Hay River, N’Dilo)
3. Mikaela Vandell / Amy Betsina (Fort Providence, N’Dilo)


OPEN Singles

1. Jeremy Kielstra, Fort Providence
2. Nick Jovic, Yellowknife
3. Mike Pickles, Fort Smith


Under 18 Boys Single

1. Brian Liang, Yellowknife
2. Riis Schaub, Hay River
3. Neilson Vandell, Fort Providence


Under 18 Girls

1. Mikaela Vandell, Fort Providence
2. Tamara Jovic, Yellowknife
3. Aurora Fraser, N’Dilo

AWG South Slave 2018

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A wonderful article on the AWG South Slave 2018. Check it out!!!

Ask any competitive athlete from the North about the legacy of the Arctic Winter Games and the answer will always be one of lifechanging influence, says Betsy Mawdsley, a former biathlete from Fort Smith who has competed on the national and international circuits.

“I don’t think you can find an athlete from the NWT who was successful who didn’t come out of Arctic Winter Games,” she says.

Aerobic Table Tennis at École Boréale

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Images from our trip with Aerobic Table Tennis at École Boréale in Hay River. GO Team NWT GO!!!

A big thank you to the Mackenzie Recreation Association.

250 kids doing Aerobic Table Tennis in ONE session

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Another amazing session in Yellowknife. 250 kids doing a session of Aerobic Table Tennis. YES, ALL AT ONCE!!!

What a great time we had at Weledeh School. 2 days of intense jumping up and down and seeing a lot of smiles on kids faces.

Thank you!!!

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A great way to finish off a week filled with Table Tennis. Thank you Mackenzie Recreation Association, Aerobic Table Tennis and Butterfly North America for all the support towards making this possible.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers. Without YOU, all this would not be possible. And, the kids, adults, supporters and everyone involved have been GREAT!

The website is online!

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Finally the website is online and we are ready to share the experience of Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories. GO NWT GO, GO TABLE TENNIS GO!

Table Tennis North WEBSITE
Table Tennis North FACEBOOK



AWG Trials are coming up soon – sign up!

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SIGN UP every one for the Arctic Winter Games Trials and have a good chance to become part of the NWT Team going to Greenland in March 2016.

Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?