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Welcome Emilia

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Our Arctic Winter Games coach arrived in the Northwest Territories and will be working with our athletes to get them ready for the upcoming games starting January 29th, 2023.

“We are excited to have Emilia with us in the North. She will be a wonderful addition to Team NT Table Tennis.”

Emilia will be doing school outreach programs in Fort Providence, Kakisa, Yellowknife and Hay River, support the Hockey & Table Tennis program as well as support the partnership with Inclusion Incorporated and the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Canada Winter Games trials

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Table Tennis North will be hosting the Canada Winter Games trials on January 7th, 2023 in Fort Providence at the Territorial Training Centre. The open spots are 1 female athlete and 2 male athletes. The tournament will be a round robin in each the male and female category. Each athlete competing twice against each other. 

January 6 – 6-8pm
Free Training

January 7 – 10am-2pm 
Canada Games trials

January 7 – 4-6pm 
Arctic Winter Games training camp

January 8 – 10am-2pm
Arctic Winter Games training camp

We will also be hosting the Arctic Winter Games training camp that weekend in Fort Providence and you are more than welcome to join us. Please sign up before January 5th, 2023 and let us know when you arrive in Fort Providence. 

Snowshoe Inn: https://www.snowshoeinn.ca/

Snowshoe Cafe: https://www.snowshoeinn.ca/#cafe

Groceries Store
Northern Store: https://www.facebook.com/NorthernFortProv/
M&R Grocery Store

Send an e-mail before January 5, 2023 to info@tabletennisnorth.ca with your first name, last name, date of birth and your home community.

Arctic Winter Games Coach Emilia Cabrera Mallette 

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Fort Providence – We are very excited to announce that Emilia Cabrera Mallette will be the head coach for Team NT Table Tennis at the 2023 Wood Buffalo Arctic Winter Games.

Emilia started her career very early when she was only 5 years old. From there she participated in many national and international competitions as a Team Quebec player before becoming a Canadian National Team player and representing Team Canada in international events.

Since then Emilia turned coach and is now working with players in Quebec, as well as she just assisted the Table Tennis Canada Gender Equity training camp earlier this Summer in Ottawa.

Here are some memorable moments in her career.

“The US OPEN in Las Vegas (2018) because of how impressive everything was in this city such as the buildings, the cultural attractions, the gym where there was more than 200 tables, etc. Also, I had the opportunity to watch inspiring players play in real life such as Eugene Wang (Canada).

The most memorable moment of my career happened in 2018 during a Canada open (international) in Toronto. Me and my teammate Kelly Zhao were playing for the third place in the team category girls 15 and under. I had to win my next match in order for us to reach the third place and it would have been my first international medal. Therefore, I was losing 6-2 (2-0) against a talented USA player. To be honest, I had lost all hope. But, Kelly and my coach (Maxime Surprenant) didn’t give up on me and I was able to win this match! Me teammate and I were so happy and we couldn’t believe what just happened. Here are the pictures that were taken when I won the match.”

Emilia will be working with Team NT Table Tennis in preparation for the games the end of January. Including our partnership with the Richmond Olympic Oval, Skating Success and our upcoming Gender Equity and Every Child Matters campaign. In January 2023 she will also support the Hockey & Table Tennis program before travelling with the team to Fort McMurray to compete at the Arctic Winter Games.

“I want to create great memories and meet new players. It will be a very enriched experience for me a coach but also as a person. My goal is to share as best as I can the knowledge that I have acquired in my career. However, I’m sure that I will learn a lot from the people that I’ll meet there. I can’t wait to meet the NT table tennis community !!!!”

We are looking forward seeing our athletes work with Emilia in preparation for the Arctic Winter Games and leaving a legacy behind for future generation. Welcome, bienvenue Emilia!!!

AWGIC has removed the mandatory Covid – 19 Vaccine Policy for the AWG’s

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Please see the letter from the President of the AWGIC indicating that the AWGIC has removed the mandatory Covid – 19 Vaccine Policy for the AWG’s.

“Effective immediately, the Arctic Winter Games International Committee (AWGIC) has revoked its Policy on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines to align with current public health advice. This means that the AWGIC will no longer require participating athletes, coaches, managers, mission staff, and others to be fully vaccinated to be part of the Wood Buffalo 2023 Arctic Winter Games”. 

This recent news obviously impacts the Territorial Trials slated for December 7-12. As a result, the mandatory Covid – 19 Vaccine Policy for the AWG Territorial Trials will be removed.

If members of your TSO feel impacted by this recent decision (for example, unvaccinated athletes who did not register for the Territorial Trials, OR vaccinated athletes who now wish to withdraw), please contact Bill Othmer @ 669-8336 no bothmer@sportnorth.com later than Tuesday Nov. 22nd  to arrange registration or a refund.

Arctic & Canada Winter Games

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Find all the information about the two upcoming events right here. If you have any questions let us know. Send an e-mail to info@tabletennisnorth.ca and we try and get back to you as soon as possible.


The Arctic Winter Games (https://awg2023.org/) will be hosted from January 29th to February 5th in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The trials for this event will be on December 7-11th, 2022 in Fort Providence. The logistics will be arranged by Sport North and the regional coordinators. Table Tennis North will run the competition and the Hamlet of Fort Providence will help us with local support.

Coach Selection
Deadline to submit your interest November 16th, 2022

Athletes Selection
Deadline to register November 7, 2022 (https://www.sportnorth.com/games/arctic-winter-games-2023)

Technical Package


The 2023 Canada Winter Games (https://www.2023canadagames.ca/) will be hosted from February 18th to 25th in Prince Edward Island. The trials for this event will be on December 7-11th, 2022 in Fort Providence. Table Tennis North will be running the logistics and competition with the local support from the Hamlet of Fort Providence.

Coach Selection
Deadline to submit your interest November 16th, 2022

Athletes Selection
Deadline to register November 29th, 2022

Technical Package

Registration link: https://forms.gle/3DH2GDzqrwsCyhZ87

Why is Physical Activity
Important for Indigenous
Children and Youth?

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Beth Warner-Hudson on behalf of Table Tennis North

“Who are we without the love we have for our children? It is this
hope of a good life for our children, our grandchildren, and those
who are yet to come that this work is based in. It is the work of the
previous generations who have sacrificed themselves in knowing
that the future generations will need space to exist as per the
instructions of the Creator. Space where they will be free to grow
and thrive as the Creator intended; for our children to be good
people and to live a good life. Only, our children can’t do that.”
– Grand Chief Gerry Antoine of the Dene Nation,
speaking at the Dehcho Physical Literacy Conference;
Fort Providence, Northwest Territories; March 2022
Physical activity for Indigenous Peoples across Turtle
Island is more than just the enjoyment and benefit of
movement: it’s a foundation for living “the good life”
that Indigenous Elders and Ancestors have continued
to pass down to the next generation. Since time
immemorial, Indigenous Peoples have lived, thrived
and grown in harmony with the Land and all our
relations with Mother Earth. Colonization took away
the ability to speak, to share, to grow and to pass on
our teachings to the next generation. A lot was lost and
there is still a lot to reclaim. How has this impacted
how Indigenous Peoples engage in physical activity?
The Dene Nation exists within the colonial borders of
the Northwest Territories and is home to many distinct
nations and regions that have shared relationships with
the Land known as Denendeh since time immemorial.
Grand Chief Gerry Antoine, elected representative for
the Dene Nation within the Assembly of First Nations,
recently spoke at the Dehcho Physical Literacy
Conference on the importance of storytelling and
passing on knowledge to the next generation of young
Leaders. The Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories
is helping to better understand and deliver quality
physical literacy programming as a leader in the field
in the North.

What is “the good life,” and why is it important for
Indigenous Children? Canada now exists as a settler
state in our global society, which erases and limits
what we know about Indigenous Peoples and their rich
histories with the Land. Being on the Land is one way
in which to share, support and learn from the very
knowledge holders who want so badly to pass on their
teachings to the next generation. Our ability to pass
on these gifts was stolen because of Indian Residential
Schools, and while we have been able to maintain some
knowledge through whispers and storytelling from those
who escaped, we are critically aware of the losses – of
language, ancestors, family members, culture and identity.
But that does not mean there is no hope for a better future.
Indigenous Communities across Turtle Island are diverse
and vast, and all have their own teachings, languages and
cultural protocols. There is no “one way” to bring together
all Canadians on the field or in the gym, but there are
ways in which we can work together to bring back what
was lost. While it is important to avoid generalizing
about all Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island, there
is unification in our responsibility as Guardians and
Stewards of Mother Earth to protect, honour and respect
her, and to live the good life she continues to gift us every
day. Indigenous Peoples do not view physical activity as a
singular domain for achieving the benefits of health, but as
one of the important areas of life in which we must remain
balanced to be healthy.

We cannot exist as grounded, healthy and thriving Peoples
if our lives are out of balance. Balance is achieved by
supporting the individual as a whole and taking a holistic
perspective on wellness to address barriers to physical
activity; our physical health will not be good if our social,
emotional, intellectual, spiritual and cultural health are
struggling. Therefore, supporting more Indigenous-based
physical activity programming is critical in supporting
a healthier Canada for all Canadians. It is time to stop
and listen to all the teachings, gifts and knowledge that
Indigenous Elders and Ancestors have been saving for us
since colonization began. It is time to find ways to include
Land-based teachings and opportunities in our school
systems, our afterschool programs and our sports teams,
and at home with our families. It is time for all of us to
take that step out of our front doors and take seriously
our inherent responsibilities as Guardians and Stewards
of Mother Earth to protect, honour and respect her, and
to live the good life on Turtle Island.

Training camps coming up

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Are you interested in trying out for the Canada Winter Games and/or Arctic Winter Games in Table Tennis? Come and join us this week in Yellowknife for 4 training sessions. Anyone can join our Open House session at 6pm at Weledeh School.

To sign up for the training sessions and to get more information on the locations and times, send an e-mail to info@tabletennisnorth.ca.

Arctic Winter Games trials are coming up

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The Arctic Winter Games trials are coming up from December 7-11, 2022. A chance to make Team NT to participate in the Table Tennis competition in Fort McMurray for the 2023 Wood Buffalo Arctic Winter Games.

To sign up click here: https://www.sportnorth.com/registration-arctic-winter-games-2023


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Please find the link below to the Mission Staff Application for the Arctic Winter Games being held in Wood Buffalo, AB January 29 – February 4, 2023; and Canada Winter Games being held in Charlottetown, PEI February 18 – March 5, 2023.


The deadline to register is October 7, 2022.

For more information please contact:

Bill Othmer
Chef de Mission

Rita Mercredi
Chef de Mission

Board Development with the Mackenzie Recreation Association

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Confident and competent board members build successful nonprofits. This board development series focuses on giving aspiring, new, and experienced individuals the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed. 

Register and reserve your spot in one (or all!) of the upcoming sessions!


September 27 – Conflict Competence

The daily conflict situations that we all experience present opportunities to grow our conflict competency muscles so that we can confidently engage in those difficult conversations. Join us to learn about the dynamics of conflict and resolution strategies to achieve a win-win result!  

October 25 – Financial Literacy

Dollars, statements, reporting, oh my! Organizational finances should not be frustrating or intimidating. Let us help you begin to understand the financial information of the organizations you serve.

November 29 – Board Basics

You are on a board! Now what? Join us as we help you understand what a board of directors is, what they do/why they exist, types of boards, board of director titles, and the role of officers. We will use the NWT SPAR sector as examples to introduce different terminology: bylaws, board roles & responsibilities, and governance.

January 31 – Being a Board Chair

We have all been in busy meetings, where it is hard to get to a place where a clear decision can be made and board frustration rises. The board chair plays a pivotal role in running effective meetings to avoid losing volunteers and getting on with the business. Join us for a moderated panel discussion with three seasoned chairs who will share their experience on tips and tricks for keeping everyone engaged, getting through meetings on time, and ensuring an effective team decision-making process.

February 28 – Risk Management

Risk is everywhere! Join us as we explore what risk is, different types of risk (financial, programmingreputational, governance, and human resources), and risk management strategies for your organization. 

March 28 – Effective Strategies

Today’s successful strategies are the ones that are deliberate, competitive, and able to adapt to the changing environment. Strategic adaptation must become an ongoing,   iterative process of hypothesis, experimentation, learning, and action. Join us to discuss the key elements of an effective strategy and the pitfalls to avoid ensuring your organization thrives!

April 25 – Financial Statements

Behind every set of numbers is a story waiting to be discovered. Let’s dive in to learn what tale your organization’s financial statements have to tell!

In collaboration with

Lead Dog Consulting

Lead Dog Consulting (LDC) was founded in 2017 to support not-for-profit organizations, volunteers, and staff avoid the pitfalls of volunteer burnout, financial trouble, and a dysfunctional organization. The Lead Dog Consulting team has broad experience in human resource management, governance, stakeholder engagement, risk management, employment law, financial management, and policy development. 

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