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2 times Arctic Winter Games Athletes to teach at Deh Gah School

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2016 Arctic Winter Games, and Grade 12 Graduation have been exciting events in Athlete Mikaela Vandell’s year. Also exciting that she is back at school, having just received her Certificate a few weeks ago. Why? To study more? To upgrade courses?  All wrong guesses! Mikaela, who also participated in the 2014 Arctic Winter Games, is back to inspire and teach the kids at Deh Gah School Table Tennis! She brings her years of experience from practice and competitions into the class to share her wisdom and enthusiasm for the sport.

“White Rabbit” she calls out and the kids now know it is the signal to hold up your racket. Or as she shows the right hand grip -” what is this called again?” “Yes, you got it, the shake hand grip. Good job everyone!”

The 17 year old Mikaela will be with classes from Grades 4 to 9 for the entire week. Can you see all the smiles that brings? Thanks for sharing your skills and fun and coming back to Deh Gah! Great to see you here!

And the Table Tennis season begins …

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Fort Providence is taking off with Table Tennis this week.

The first day of Table Tennis is concluded. Today the kids learned a bit about the service in Table Tennis. First a nice warm up with “Flush Tag” and then an obstacle course on 4 tables to learn the basics about Table Tennis.

Frog Games, Targets and Table Tennis Cricket were all part of this fun day! And of course a lot of smiles!!!

Legacy of the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games has began.


Table Tennis North becomes a member of Table Tennis Canada

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“It has been a fantastic few month for Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories. Being part of Table Tennis Canada means a lot to us as we can now participate in the Western Hopes Week, the Canadian Championships and run sanctioned tournaments. It will give our kids a boost to not just work towards the Arctic Winter Games every 2 years, but also participate in tournaments for the Northwest Territories.” Vice-President Mike Johnston, Table Tennis North.

Table Tennis included in the AWG 2018 in South Slave

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“I’m very excited, but I’m not as surprised as many others would be” said Coach Thor about the fact that Table Tennis is now added to the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games.


Table Tennis included in the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games

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Very exciting news today, Table Tennis will be included in the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games. A huge thank you to everyone that made this possible!

GO Team NWT GO!!!


9 more Tables for the Northwest Territories

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We will have another 9 tables in the Northwest Territories. That will make it 35 new tables in the North since Table Tennis North started in September 2015.

How exciting!

Table Tennis in Yellowknife

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Friday Fun Night at the Church Club in Yellowknife. Shirley/Aki beat Thorsten/Nick with the score of 12-10, 11-9, 6-11, 7-11, 11-6. A lot of laughter and some great rallies!!!

Video Aerobic Table Tennis

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Aerobic Table Tennis in the Northwest TerritoriesWhat a wonderful time thinking back of Aerobic Table Tennis being in the Northwest Territories.

A BIG thank you once again to Mackenzie Recreation Association, Rowe|s Construction,Aerobic Table Tennis, Butterfly North America and everyone involved! Mahsi!!!

Check out the VIDEO

Northern Youth Abroad

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Northern Youth Abroad received one of Table Tennis North’s THOR Mini Tables. Thank you again for all your help and support throughout the Territorial Championships.

Isn’t fun to see them play!? Keeping active and having fun, that is the goal!!!

Rowe’s Construction

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Rowe’s Construction has been a great Partner and support for Table Tennis in the North. They received a THOR mini table for their office as a small thank you.

How great to see the smiles while keeping fit and active!!!


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