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Judo & Table Tennis

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Judo NWT and Table Tennis North, with the help and support of NWT’s Municipality and Community Affairs, the Mackenzie Recreation Association and Sport Canada, started a pilot project to bring a blended learning approach to small communities as well as building capacity.

Table Tennis

We started the project off with running a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Table Tennis course in the community. The idea was to get someone to help us from the community with our program. Over a two weeks span, we then provided both in person and virtual Table Tennis sessions to the grades 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7 of Deh Gah School in Fort Providence. Each session was between 35-45min long. All sessions included Aerobic Table Tennis as warm up and then training on eye-hand coordinator, racket skills, fun games and exercises on the table.

The sessions that we provided virtually were hosted by Canadian National Team Athletes from British Columbia and Ontario. As warm up they used Aerobic Table Tennis and then went into fun games and rackets skills.


Judo sessions started on Monday and Tuesday’s in person and on Wednesday’s virtually. The routine for each session did not change, what made it much easier for the kids to follow when it came to Wednesday’s. A few of the kids also participated in the after school program on Monday and got some additional training. Those that came were able to support others in our Wednesday session that was hosted virtually.

We are definitely proud of all the classes and the kids participating in the sessions. Teachers helped, supported and participated on the matt.

“What an amazing opportunity to build capacity in the community and provide programming in person and virtually. It works. Let’s continue and provide quality programs like this to small communities of the Northwest Territories” says Table Tennis North’s Executive Director Thorsten Gohl.

The programming will continue in Fort Providence for both sports. Table Tennis is available 3 times during the week at 5pm with our new Community Coach Neilson. Judo will continue on Monday’s in the after school program and on Wednesday during Physical Education classes virtually.

“Amazing things will come from this” says Thorsten Gohl with a big smile on his face. We are looking forward to continue this partnership and the blended learning approach in Fort Providence.

Territorial Table Tennis Training Centre

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We are so excited to announce the opening of our Territorial Training Centre in Fort Providence, located in the basement of the Snowshoe Centre.

With 2,500 square feet it allows us to set up a minimum of 4 professional tables with sports flooring. We will be able to live stream our matches to the Pan Canadian League as well as host training centres and trials like the Canada Winter Games and Arctic Winter Games coming up this year.

“What an amazing facility that was hidden in clear sight,” said Executive Director Thorsten Gohl. “So great that we have a permanent space that can be used at any day and time for anyone in the Territories,” he continues.

The facility will be used in September/October to run camps, but also host the trials for the Canada Winter Games. Many wonderful events will be hosted here in the future.

POSTPONED – 5 Pillars of Physical Training

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Our workshop will be postponed for now to open it up to more sport enthusiasts in being able to participate. Stay tuned on our website and Social Media channels.

“Transform your Training!’

— Jadene S. N. Ferreira

Register for the Multisport Master Class Sessions Here

Multisport Master Class

5 Pillars of Physical Training

presented in partnership by:
Table Tennis North & Skating Success™ Inc.

April 23rd & 30th, 2022

2 Sessions – 2 Saturdays – 2 Parts for Optimal Performance
90 minute Sessions – 10:00am MST

The 5 Pillars of Physical Excellence in Training is like unlocking the formula for your success.  
This Master Class is a dedicated space for you to learn the 5 Pillars and how to apply them to any training you do in the future.  
Developed from the power & art of figure skating, allow the 5 Pillars to stretch your concept of physical excellence to apply to your sport. 

Part 1 – Let’s talk about it! 
Webinar Style Learning Session • Saturday, April 23rd – 10am MST

• Introduction to the 5 Pillars
• Examples of each one in action 
• Get ready to transform how you train

Come to your session with the following:

1. A place to write your notes  
2. Comfortable place to sit and connect online 
3. Open mind and willing attitude

Part 2 – Let’s work it! 
Physical Literacy Session • Saturday, April 30th – 10am MST

• 5 Pillars in Action 
• Exercises you can learn and add to your own routine 
• Experience the transformation of training with the 5 Pillars

Come to your session with the following:

1. A place to workout – yoga mat size will be great!
2. Comfortable place to connect online and see your device video
3. Open mind and willing attitude

Fast and female – Removing barriers workshop

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Fast and Female is a Canadian charity on a mission to keep self-identified girls aged 8-14 healthy and active in sports.

Founded in 2005 by Olympic gold medalist Chandra Crawford, Fast and Female believes in the power of positive sport experiences and role models to give girls leadership, teamwork and resiliency skills. For more information you can find it through this link! https://fastandfemale.com/

Right now, we are holding a Silver Gummy Program which is a 5 week program that runs through zoom every Saturday from April 9th 2022-May 14th 2022 from 8am-9:30am MT. This program is FREE and is all about breaking barriers with self-identified girls and sports. Each session will include the opportunity to hear from incredible Role Models and get moving!

Also, Registration includes!! : 
• Access to all five (5) sessions and recordings afterwards

• Fast and Female T-shirt 

• Fast and Female Workshop Giveaway(s)

• And other Fast and Female swag!

• All mailed directly to you!*

If you would like to register you can register at the link below!! 


I am looking forward to seeing more self-identified girls involved in sports and come join me in this event and future events to come!!

Happy World Table Tennis Day

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We wishing you all a wonderful World Table Tennis Day. Celebrating from the Arctic Ocean, via the beautiful Mackenzie River, all along the vast Northwest Territories.

Best Ping Pong Paddle

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Did you ever wonder what paddle or racket is the best for you? Have a look at this article, a great way to learn more about the equipment to play Table Tennis!!!


Aerobic Table Tennis Instructor workshop

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Our second virtual Aerobic Table Tennis instructor was a huge success. At the end, we were able to give Professional Development points for our participants that will be reflected in their Coaches Association of Canada‘s database (The Locker).

We will have more courses coming in the near future.

Webinars with the Richmond Olympic Oval

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We are excited to continue our partnership with the Richmond Olympic Oval. Providing amazing webinars on Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Performance to our Table Tennis community, Territorial Sport Organizations and the Table Tennis Canada family.

Here are our upcoming sessions:

Strength & Conditioning February 3rd & 10th, 2022 at 12pm MST
Mental Performance March 10th & 24th, 2022 at 12pm MST
Nutrition February 24th & March 17th, 2022 at 12pm MST

If you like to connect directly, here is the information: 

Meeting ID: 837 8401 3290
Passcode: 191438

If you have any questions or need more information, please e-mail info@tabletennisnorth.ca and/or check our website for any updates and recordings.

Beloved Table Tennis Coach Steve Rowe returns to the North

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We are excited to announce that Arctic Winter Games Coach Steve Rowe will return back to the Northwest Territories. 

Steve will be overseeing the school outreach program, our projects on Hockey & Table Tennis as well as Physical Literacy & Table Tennis. He will be working with our Team NT athletes to start the preparation for the 2023 Arctic Winter Games and the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

“We are super thrilled to have Steve back in the North” says Executive Director Thorsten Gohl. “His energy is creating a wonderful atmosphere for our communities to be active and having fun with playing Table Tennis.”

Steve will also be working on a virtual setting for teaching Table Tennis remotely to schools in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Giving smaller communities the possibility to try out Table Tennis and hopefully find locals to help and support the program. This will be a pilot project that will run from Fort Providence. 

No matter what you call it, Table Tennis or Ping Pong, we hope you join us!!!

Aerobic Table Tennis virtual COACH workshop

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Table Tennis North is excited to host another Aerobic Table Tennis COACH workshop on February 26th, 2022 form 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm.

“Our first virtual coaching workshop with Canadian National Team Athletes was absolutely amazing,” says Aerobic Table Tennis founder Steve Rowe. “We had such a great time that we want to keep the momentum and continue the success.”

We will offer the course to all Table Tennis coaches, athletes, officials, but also open it up for anyone that would like to learn more about Table Tennis and a fun way to interact with participants. The course will be giving you professional development points for your coaching certification with the National Coach Certification Program by the Coaching Association of Canada.

The workshop will provide learners with the necessary skills to be able to:

  • Plan and deliver basic Aerobic Table Tennis coaching sessions.
  • Timescale for workshop is 5 hours.
  • Welcome and Induction.
  • Introduction to Aerobic Table Tennis.
  • Aerobic Table Tennis Workout Practical.
  • Fun Games.
  • Table Tennis Practical.
  • Basic technical skills. Stroke Technique. Footwork.
  • Introduction to Session Planning.
  • Re-cap and Evaluation.
  • 10 Hours external delivery required.
  • Internal Assessment.

If you like to sign up for the workshop, please reach out to info@tabletennisnorth.ca and we sign you up. We hope to see you on February 26, 2022 at 10am!!!

Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?